Test Shoot Conditions - Photographer


The following information must be met by every photographer during their test shoot with us. Failure to meet these requirements may result in not being accepted onto the Travelshoot network. 

Some Test Shoot Do's & Don'ts

  1. Before the test shoot, please do make sure you understand what is required of you. Please email your account manager if you have any questions. 
  2. Please do read your final confirmation email thoroughly and make a note of the customers' telephone number and the designated meeting point.
  3. As per our photographer legal agreement, please do check the weather forecast before the test shoot, and contact the customer via text or phone call at least 48 hours in advance if you need to cancel or rearrange the test shoot. We are happy for you to rearrange the test shoot between yourselves if required.
  4. Please don't give the customers your direct email address or website before, during or after the shoot. We prefer to keep our photographer network private and we need to ensure that Travelshoot see the images before the customer does, so we can review them as part of your test shoot.
  5. Please don't accept any custom requests from customers during the test shoot. You should already know that Travelshoot is about capturing customers in iconic locations specific to that country/city. Please do not accept requests to have images; without the iconic backgrounds, more fashion-based or more corporate images, or images that only show the back of customers heads.
  6. Please don't continue with the test shoot if customers turn up in wedding attire, or if the shoot is clearly not for the occasion they said it was.
  7. Please do let us know if either of the two points above happen. Please email or account manager or call us on 1300 080 835 immediately.
  8. Please do let us know if the customer contacts you directly after the shoot. We have had occasions where customers have asked for extra images without letting Travelshoot know and the situation has turned sour. 
  9. Please don't share the images with the customer direct. 
  10. Please do share the images with Travelshoot either via Dropbox (preferred) or WeTransfer. We will ensure they get to the customer and let you know their feedback.
  11. Please do remember that we require 2-3 edited sample images with 48 hours of the test shoot, and the full edited album within 7 days of the test shoot. Failure to provide images within this timeframe could result in you not being accepted onto the Travelshoot network. 
  12. Please do let us how the test shoot went. We like to get feedback from both the customer and the photographer about the test shoot.


If you are happy to adhere to all of these test shoot conditions, please confirm in an email to your account manager.