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We’re pretty proud of the global network of photographers we work with – of course they’re talented behind the camera, but our customers also love how friendly, passionate and likeable they are. It’s a big thing for us – and that’s why our recruitment process sets out to source not just the best portfolio, but also the type of character behind the lense. In return for joining the Travelshoot network, we can offer photographers the perfect dose of work to fit in and around their existing clientele and show our clients the best spots around their home cities.

Shoots with Travelshoot are fun, convenient and all the hard (and boring) admin stuff is taken care of – we believe in letting photographers focus on what they do best – photography.

The type of photographers we partner with:

  1. Fun and friendly – you like people, and they like you. Clients leave their time with you feeling energised, comfortable, super positive and have a few "local tips" you’ve recommended for them to try out.

  2. Talented – your portfolio aligns with the style our customers want – modern, clean, and contemporary photography. It’s the opposite of cheesy tourist snaps – its about contemporary + classy storytelling.

  3. Passion – you love your work, you love people, and you love the city you live in. It’s that simple.

  4. Professionalism – your a pro with your own business, so you understand being on time, respectable, and creating a first class experience for customers is a non negotiable.

  5. Minimum requirements – you can demonstrate experience through your portfolio of lifestyle on location shoots, a conversational level of English, and are prepared to complete a test shoot with us to guarantee your quality of work.

If this sounds like you and working with our clients is something of interest – please send us your details below and we look forward to getting in touch!

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