What’s the advantage of booking a Travelshoot?

There’s a few of them - but we think the top 5 are:

1. We’ve got a network of photographers - so not only is date availability easier, but we can also manage cancelations and find you a new photographer.

2. End to end service – we’re not about passing your details on and hoping for the best, we manage the whole process from start to finish. From finding you the best photographer, to ensuring you get the quality you paid for – we manage the full process and only need photographers to focus on what they love – taking amazing photos

3. Quality – we’ve personally qualified all photographers on our network, so we know their photographic skills are legitimate, and knowledge of the areas is first class.

4. Delivery time – one of the conditions we have with all our photographers is that you will have access to your Travelshoot digital photographic album within 7 days.

5. It’s affordable – there’s no hidden costs, no pressure to buy any products, it’s simply just the package price for the shoot and you get to download the images directly from your online album.

When will I know who my photographer is and where to meet them?

As soon as we have your dates and preferences we will match you with an available photographer and send you your ‘Travelshoot Ticket’ - this contains the photographer details, their photography samples, and details for your shoot. (Oh and can we add that our matching skills are pretty great as we’ve never had a request to change photographers yet – but rest assure we can arrange other options if needed!)

What’s the best time to book a Travelshoot?

We’d love it if you could book at least 4 weeks out – this helps us get your preferred date. But of course we do our best with all last minute requests too!

How many people can be in each shoot?

Of course the more people = the longer it takes to get great shots, so our Travelshoot photographers recommend:

1 hour Economy – suits couples, but can accommodate up to 8

2hour Business – perfect for couples and any size group up to 8 people

4hour First Class – perfect for any size group up to 8 people 

** If you have more than the above group quota - please still get in touch - we have some options for larger group sizes! **

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

With some notice this is not a problem. We must admit, we’re pretty open about our cancellation policy - the photographers on our network are very skilled at what they do and their time is their income, so when a job cancels we need to respect this.

Reschedule Requests: we’ll always do our best with any of these up to a week before the shoot (but unfortunately we can’t guarantee any change – it will depend on photographer’s availability)

Cancellations – full refund if we receive this more than 4 weeks from shoot date. There is no refund for any cancellations made within 30 days of the shoot date.

Remember a good Travel Insurance Policy will cover cancellations for travel based tours and bookings – so if you do need to cancel within 4 weeks of your shoot date, make sure you check your insurance policy.

What if I can’t find the photographer or are running late?

No need to stress – you will have the photographers contact details (and they will have yours too) so please text them if you are delayed, or call them if you cannot find each other. Our photographers are pretty flexible but may have other photography assignments on that day – so extra time for your shoot if you’re late may or may not be possible.

When and how do I get the photos?

You will receive an email from Travelshoot within 48hours with some sample images (we call them sneak peeks!) and then within 7 days of your shoot you will receive a link to your digital album.

What if it’s raining or bad weather?

Any good photographer has the ‘rain back up plan’ shoot organised, so we ensure all our photographers have an itinery in mind for all photography packages if it’s raining to ensure you still get great  location shots no matter what. Some locations this is just not possible (beach shoots for example!) Obviously if there is severe weather restrictions, we will do our absolute best to reschedule your shoot or otherwise organise a refund for you.

What skill level are the photographers in the Travelshoot network?

It ranges – photographers on the network typically have between 5 to 20 years’ experience as a professional photographer. Aside from demonstrated photography skill and sample portfolios, we thought it was also important to find photographers who were approachable, passionate about what they do, reliable and affordable.

Are all photos high resolution? And what size?

Absolutely they are! We want you to be able to do whatever you like with them – so we ensure all images are provided in a high resolution format - 3300 by 2200px. You will also have access to a link to share your Travelshoot with your social media friends too. If you have any particular requests for image formats, please just let us know and we’ll work with the photographer to accommodate any request.

Do I own the images?

Absolutely – the rights are all yours for any personal use – social media, print outs, canvas art, Christmas cards – anything! (just no commercial use)  Travelshoot is very cautious about the use of any Travelshoot images, that’s why we ensure all model release terms are signed before we and the photographers use any images for our own promotions. You can check out our full Terms and Conditions here

Can I purchase extra images?

Yes - we are happy to work with clients on extra images in addition to the agreed quota of images provided in their album. The price of an extra set of 10 images that are edited professionally and uploaded in high resolution per the rest of an album starts from $100.00 AUD. 

Before Your Travelshoot

  • Feel safe knowing we will stay in touch before your shoot – you will have full itinery and photoshoot details including reminders leading up to your shoot day!
  • You’re welcome to send your own sample images you like (or pinterest board!) and send them to the photographer pre-shoot
  • We'll help send you some handy tips from the photographer about being shoot ready! 
  • Find out the best time to book your shoot in the ‘More Info’ link on your destination
  • Feel free to check out some of our recent customer experiences on our Blog!