Test Shoot Conditions - Customer


The following information must be met by every customer who is taking part in a complimentary test shoot for Travelshoot with a new photographer who we are hoping to bring onto the network. 

Test Shoot Conditions

  1. Before the test shoot, please make sure you understand what is required of you. It's basically to have fun with your friends or family whilst our photographer takes some pictures of you. Please email your Travelshoot if you have any questions. 
  2. Please read your final confirmation email thoroughly and make a note of the photographer's telephone number and the designated meeting point.
  3. If the weather forecast looks bad for the scheduled test shoot day, please do contact the photographer via text or phone call before the shoot. Our new photographers have been made aware that they should contact you before the test shoot if the forecast is not good. We are happy for you to rearrange the test shoot between yourselves if required.
  4. Please respect and understand that Travelshoot prefer to keep our photographer network private, so please don't push our photographers for their email address or website. 
  5. Please do not ask the new photographer for any custom requests. The idea of these test shoots is to test a real Travelshoot, in that customers enjoy the experience of walking around an iconic/tourist location in each city/country with a local that can give them an insight into the location, and also provide them with amazing, candid images of the experience. Requests to have images; without the iconic backgrounds, or more fashion or corporate based are not part of a standard Travelshoot and such requests could hinder how we check the quality of work and whether we accept the new photographer onto our network. 
  6. If it is obvious that you as the customer are having this Travelshoot for an occasion or purpose that was not previously stated to Travelshoot, the photographer has the right to refuse to take part in the test shoot. For example, please do not arrive at your Travelshoot in wedding attire. 
  7. Please do not contact the photographer directly after the shoot. Travelshoot are here to manage everything so there should be no need for you to contact the photographer afterwards. We will provide you with the images, and we will give the photographer any feedback you have. 
  8. Please be aware that we will provide you with 2-3 edited sample images with 48 hours of the test shoot, and the full edited album within 7 days of the test shoot. You will receive an email from your Travelshoot contact with links to a DropBox folder of your high res images for you to download as you wish. 
  9. Please do not use your images for anything other than personal use. Eg. for sharing on social media, printing out and putting into an album, or blowing up onto a canvas to hang on your wall. Bloggers are also able to use their Travelshoot images in a blog post that features Travelshoot. 
  10. As per the terms of this complimentary Travelshoot, we require all test shoot customers to fill in a short questionnaire about their experience with the new photographer. Your Travelshoot contact will provide you with a link in an email to the survey. If you could please fill it out as soon as possible we would be very grateful. 


If you are happy to adhere to all of these test shoot conditions, please confirm in an email to your Travelshoot contact.