Why New York is the best place for a girls getaway...

New York is without doubt the most popular global location for a Travelshoot, and between Brooklyn Bridge
and Central Park, it's the city on sunset or sunrise that creates some of the most incredible travel memories for our clients.
One of our favourite New York albums is this group of girlfriends (who may have been nursing a minor hangover from the night before!) but this didn't stop them from enjoying the sun on a Sunday afternoon to capture some holiday memories together around Central Park. 

Who's in the Travelshoot and why?

The four of us are all fairly new to New York and a group of friends who became close as we were all new in town. New York is all still very new and exciting – so we wanted the photoshoot to capture that sort of vibe!

What did you think of your Travelshoot?
The shoot was excellent. The photographer really took on board the vibe of the day and offered a good range of shots and locations. He was very friendly too and had a great eye. He had a very tough crowd, as we were all quite tired – but he kept us buoyant and laughing. 

How did you feel during the shoot?
I felt the shoot went well. He really listened to what sort of pictures we were hoping for and he was very good at making us feel relaxed and comfortable during the shoot.


Favourite location in a New York Travelshoot?
Central Park was my favourite as the background scenery was so diverse and iconic. 


If you or someone you know is planning a trip to the Big Apple and are keen to capture your New York travel memories - check out our New York experiences here.

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