When pool jumping on a family holiday in Bali goes right...

Forget lazy cocktails by the pool in Bali - for the Breen family this year the annual family holiday was jam packed to keep their little ones busy and amused which may or may not have involved some unauthorised pool jumping... 

Why Bali Jess?
We wanted to take the boys somewhere where they can experience a totally different culture and way of living to Australia. Loved the fact that they soaked in the atmosphere, people and the food, with also lots of attractions and places to see and do.

How did you find travelling in Bali with kids?
The kids loved being immersed in the Balinese culture. For us, there was no concerns on their safety or boredom as there was sooo much to see and do, and the people were so friendly and helpful, particularly to us as a family.

How was the travelshoot with kids?
The boys were full on but our local photographer was such a pro at entertaining them, that they were able to keep on track with the images we were hoping to capture.

Why are family memories important to you?
We want reminders of the scenery that we shared altogether so we could remember the good times we had. Loved the fact that the photos are professional and something we couldn't get on our own.

Most inappropriate trip highlight? 
We may have been chased out of other resorts pools in Nusa Dua because we were pool jumping along the many resorts lining the beach! Created some pretty hilarious family memories. 

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