When gatecrashing your best friends honeymoon is ok

It was probably the most gutsy trip we've ever booked, and it's one of those decisions that was either going to be really really awesome, or really really backfire. Lucky for us, it was one of the best surprises we've ever pulled off, and one of the best holidays we've ever had. 

We gatecrashed our best mates honeymoon, and they loved it. 

I was her bridesmaid, and my husband his groom, and we knew for their ski honeymoon in Japan they had 'toyed' with the idea of making it a group occasion.

Like many couples who have been together a long time, we made the brave assumption that after they had had a week or so of 'alone time' they'd be up for some company, so we decided to surprise them and head over from Australia to Japan for the last week of their honeymoon. It was a ski trip after all, and after an epic time on the slopes with them a few years back, we backed ourselves to be good company a week in! 

The surprise went like this: we knew the lodge they were staying in, so I called in advance and lined up a 'special honeymoon dinner' for them on us, as a wedding gift. The owners of the lodge were in on the surprise, so they gave us a call when they arrived on time and took their dinner seats. My husband and I were in a taxi there after checking into a hotel just around the corner, and the ride to surprise them was one of the most anticipated travel moments I've ever had! 

The best bit was our casual entrance. No balloons or props, no grand entrance, just a casual walk up and 'oh hey there' at their table mid dinner to catch them completely off guard. And it was exactly that - the screams were delayed as they looked at us blankly to struggle to process we were there in person, 7000 kilometres later. I regret not getting that moment filmed, the pure shock, and then moments later the screams and bad excited language that followed - is one of my favourite travel moments of all time. 

In a nutshell the week that followed (after they 100% agreed their were ready for company!) was as epic as we had hoped for. Days on the slopes, nights drinking Japanese beer and spirits in the snow and onsens, and then a few crazy days in Tokyo to finish the trip off. 

So the moral of the story is - DO gatecrash your mates honeymoon if you have a VERY high level of confidence they are the type of friends who would find this funny, crazy and would love it. It was one of the most hilarious surprises we've done, and one that will remain an all-time travel memory. 

And of course if you decide to make your own gatecrashing moment, the good news is we've expanded Travelshoot cities a hell of a lot since my own trip, so absolutely get in touch if you'd like us to help capture the moment!

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