When best mates take on NYC....

Peta was given a Travelshoot in the big apple for her 30th birthday - and not only was the shoot a unique experience on the trip with her best friend - but it's served up some very fun memories of the big apple, so we caught up with her to learn all things travel and New York...

Tell us a little about you! How do you like spending your weekends? What are you most likely to spend money on? Are we more likely to find you city living, or hanging at the beach?

I'm a massive foodie and also a food blogger. So on the weekends you will find me at the latest trending cafe with my dog by my side. I’m a fur mum and she comes everywhere with me. I am most likely to spend money on food! Love anywhere that is dog friendly from cafes, pubs to dog beaches. 

Do you love to travel? Give us an idea of the places you have visited, and how often you get away...

I love travel so much I’ve worked in the travel industry for seven years. I have visited most of the world but there is always somewhere on my list I'd love to visit. I travel overseas usually three times a year, two for business one for pleasure. 

Name one thing that you can’t travel without:

I cannot travel without my phone. Google maps is my best friend. I also favourite all the spots I want to visit so they show up wherever I am. Also for photos of course. Most iPhones also show your steps and how far you’ve walked for the day! 

How did you choose your getaway destination this time round? Is this somewhere with special meaning to you/ somewhere you have always wanted to visit?

This time around I was celebrating my 30th birthday so I chose New York to spend it in as part of my round the world trip. I’ve only visited New York City once before, eight years ago. 

Why made you choose to book a shoot here? To mark something special? Or just to capture those travel memories in style?

My sister bought the travelshoot for me for my 30th birthday. I will be able to keep the photos forever. 

Talk us through your Travelshoot experience and how it all went down! What were your favourite parts? Did you have fun?

As soon as we booked it was exciting! Felt in touch with the photographer and able to send photos of what we wanted etc. When we met the photographer I told them we’ve never done a photo shoot before and we don’t want to pose awkwardly. He made it super easy by picking out the best spots and giving great natural direction “walk slow, look at each other etc”. 

Which country/ destination takes the top spot on your travel wishlist? Why?

At the moment it’s Nashville and Memphis! I love country music and I’d love to go to the home of country music. 

And finally, what’s your favourite shot from your Travelshoot? Why do you love it?

That is hard as there are so many! Probably the  ones on the bridge in Central Park such an awesome location with the city skyline in the background, you can definitely tell where in the world we are and it reminds me of my fav Christmas movie Elf!