Memories from Santorini and Vegas

She's one of the countries best travel agents, so we were a little excited to help Annabel capture her own travel memories in two very different types of locations. A European getaway with her partner and memories in Santorini, to a recent trip to Vegas for some group memories with colleagues. 

We were fortunate to interview Annabel and got the lowdown on all things travel and her best advice for clients...

Favourite place in the world and why? 
Positano - its a gorgeous hillside town with so much culture, amazing food and wine and stunning views! I could spend weeks here, wondering the gorgeous streets and eating pasta all day! 

You love to travel because…
I love to travel because i love to learn about different cultures, taste the different flavours and see things from different points of view. 

Best piece of travel advice you give to all your clients? 
Make sure you take lots of photos so you can remember that delicious meal you ate, that amazing view you saw, or the wonderful things you experienced on your journey. 

Why are holiday memories important? 
I think holiday memories are sooo important because one day I may not be able to travel for one reason or another, and its great to be able to document everything you are doing to help remember the amazing adventures you have been on.  

Santorini was your first Travelshoot – would you recommend this experience to others and why? 
It was my first Travelshoot and i loved the idea of it. It was a great way for us to remember our time in Santorini and I would definitely do it again! 

What will you do with your photos? 
We have already used our photos and made them into a calendar to give to both of our parents. They both love them and have them hanging on the fridge! We also had a few printed and have them hanging in the house. As well as a gorgeous coffee table book :) 

Why did you choose Santorini? 
We chose Santorini for our first Travelshoot destination because its a stunning destination that I wouldn't have been able to capture well on my own. We also had been travelling for 3 weeks and all we had was selfies or photos of one of us, which wasn't very exciting! It was a fabulous way to end our trip and now we have memories of both of us in all the photos!