What Australians are really spending on Honeymoons

The statistics around the average cost of a wedding for Australians is a little grey depending on the source, but the general data suggests it's somewhere between - get ready for it - $36 000 and $60 000.

Of the 120 000 couples that tie the knot each year, the majority indulge in a honeymoon, and since Australians love to travel, the research suggests we're spending on average around $8000 and are away on average for 2.5weeks. Interestingly beach vacations still remain the most popular choice (46%) for Australian honeymooners. 

We asked a few nosy questions of recent honeymoon Travelshoot clients recently, and a few interesting insights we learnt were:

  • bucket list trips to Europe and America were being booked by couples who spent less on the wedding and invested more into the honeymoon
  • leaving for the honeymoon immediately after the wedding was important to the clients so they can avoid a 'post wedding slump' 
  • couples who lived together before the wedding used the gift registry for their honeymoon for in-destination spending 
  • honeymoons were the first trip many clients had invested in luxury experiences 

With over 80 locations on our network now it was hard to pin down a few honeymoon favourite destinations, but the most popular this year definitely seem to be SantoriniTokyo - Hawaii New York Venice - Sydney - London

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