Two very different but special type of memories...

Lee is not only a wonderful long term client of Travelshoot, but an advocate for putting mums back in the picture on family memories - and we understand why with these most recent sessions in Brisbane her home town. We caught up with her to understand the very special reasons behind these 2 different type of local Brisbane Travelshoots...

You recently did 2 Brisbane Travelshoots in Australia which is home for you – why were they special for you?  
These two Travelshoots were so so special for me; firstly being able to capture my new baby girl at our home with our son was amazing. This is such a special time for a family and a time that goes so fast. Already looking back at the pictures she has grown so much and we feel so lucky to have captured those memories. Our second shoot was so special as it was with my beautiful Mum, my sister and our families.  Looking back over the years we don't have many photos of us all together.  My Mum has had a tough time with breast cancer so it was really important to us that we have these beautiful memories of her with us and her grandchildren.  She is the best Nanny and our kids will be able to cherish these photos and show their future kids. 

What do you think is the most important thing about family memories?
To me the most important thing about our family memories is for us to live in the moment and be present with each other and laugh a lot! Living in a different state to our Mum is really hard so when we have time together it is really precious. 

How did you find each shoot, particularly being a new mum to a newborn?Each shoot was really relaxed and we felt so comfortable, I was a bit worried to have photos so close to having Claudia as I am not very comfortable in my own skin but Danielle made us feel at ease and the pictures are just so beautiful.  Our son actually fell over right before the photoshoot and cut his head open luckily he was ok and didn't need stitches but he did cry for most of the shoot looking at the photos you wouldn't have known Danielle is just an amazing photographer. Our family shoot with Mum was so much fun we all had the best time, my Mum was a bit nervous as she hasn't had a photoshoot before Danielle made her feel comfortable. Danielle captured us as we are and we have so many beautiful pictures with the most amazing backdrops.  

Why is it special to capture this time with your family?
We really wanted to capture this time with our family while our kids are still little they grow up so quickly and we just never know what is around the corner. We know that they will look at our Travelshoot albums and know just how loved they are. 

Sometimes mothers forget to put themselves in the frame for photos, why do you think its important to make this happen?
As much as my comfort zone is to stay out of the photos I think it is important to get in the frame and I know that my babies will want to look back at photos with me in them too.