Travel is the best education

 Rosalie has caught the incurable travel bug... So she decided to pass it onto her two girls via a European family holiday. Being a strong believer in education through travel, Rosalie wanted to capture the special moments of her family learning about the world. 



Please tell us a bit about yourself and your family!

I'm a travel agent who never seems to get over the travel bug! My husband is a Landscape Manager and we have 2 girls ages 7 and 4. We are all very busy with work and school, so we treasure being able to spend precious time together as a family.


Tell us a bit about your holiday!

This was a trip of a lifetime! We started off shopping up a storm at the Christmas Markets in Munich and visiting family in Austria before taking our girls to Prague and then Lapland to visit Santa at Christmas. We then spent some time in both Barcelona and Rome to de-frost before stopping in Abu Dhabi on our way home. Ice skating, tobogganing, snowmen, markets, architecture, food and wine - we checked off a lot of boxes on this trip!



Any hot tips for family travel and pleasing all members?

Definitely taking your time in each destination. Travelling with kids means taking things a bit slower to allow for down time - it's impossible to be on the go all day every day. We also ensured we had a good mix of doing things that everyone wanted to do in a day - so for example we'd see the Colosseum in the morning and then find a playground for the kids to let off a bit of steam, before finding a trattoria that could satisfy everyone's requests for pizza, pasta and gelato!


You had a Travelshoot in both Barcelona and Rome - talk us through your experiences!

Both of the Travelshoots we had went off without a hitch. Our first one was in Barcelona and our photographer knew what we were after straight away. He was more than a photographer; he took us for a walk through the alleyways of the Gothic Quarter that was like a guided tour! He helped us feel relaxed and got some great photos of our girls that really showcased their personality. Our second Travelshoot in Rome was at the Colosseum. How our photographer managed to capture our entire Roman experience in those wonderful images is a real tribute to his talent. He went above and beyond to make sure the shots he got were ones we would cherish forever. I wouldn't be able to pick just one thing about the shoot that was my favourite - I would say that I did love that each photographer had their own style and that the entire experience was smooth from the beginning to the end. 



Why did you think it was important to capture some family holiday photos?

There are so many reasons! Kids grow so fast and holidays like these don't come around very often, so I really wanted to capture some moments in time where we can look back and re-live the holiday through some beautiful images that weren't all "selfies". I truly believe that travel is an education in itself and want to show our kids that the world is a huge and varied place. They are still young and I hope that having these photos to look through will help their love of travel grow and give them memories of our family doing what we love!


Where is your dream destination?

Given that I have an incurable case of wanderlust, there's no way I could just pick one destination! Although Greenland, South America and Antarctica are definitely big ones on my list!


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