Top 10 Xmas Gift Ideas for Mad Travellers

With Christmas looming, you may be wondering what to buy your wanderlust friend. We’ve put together our top 10 Christmas gift ideas to help you out:

1. Packing Cubes

The perfect gift for the messy traveler- these packing cubes help to keep a backpack or suitcase tidy and organised in breaking up a large space into organised compartments. Packing cubes come in all different shapes and sizes (and also at different prices), so you can manage the amount you’d like to spend on your friend.


2. Funky Socks

We know they are possibly the most overdone Christmas present, but there is a reason for it! Grab your wanderlust friend some thick and funky socks to keep their tootsies warm on flights, trains and at night.

3. A Portable Phone Charger

What’s worse than a looming eight-hour flight with no charging points and a dead phone? …We can’t think of anything. Give your friend the gift of power and an upper hand on their phones dying battery with a portable charger. Guaranteed, they will thank you later.

4. A Portable Speaker

Whether they are a hiker, a party-goer, a volunteer or a student, your itchy foot friend is going to want a portable charger for their next trip. Many speakers fit in the palm of your hand and can slip easily into a backpack, ready for whatever journey your friend is embarking on.

5. A Scratch Map

Your sister just got back from Brazil? She can scratch it off her world map that you bought her for Christmas! Scratch maps are a fun way to keep track of where you have ventured to, and where you still have left to uncover. Plus, it makes for an aesthetic addition to the bedroom décor.

6. A Scarf/sarong/towel/blanket

Aircon temperatures falling below zero degrees on your flight? Towel is still wet? Need a statement item for your outfit? A thin sarong sized piece of material is the perfect and probably most diverse gift to give to your travelling friend this Christmas. They can use it as a sarong, scarf, towel replacement, picnic rug and blanket... Talk about diversity!


7. Headphones

Travellers have to put up with a lot of unwanted noise; crying babies on flights, noisy hostels, people talking on the phone in the silent section of the train. Buy your friend the gift of silence- (and the gift of music), with a pair of good noise-cancelling headphones or earphones.


8. A Really Good Book

Nothing passes the time better than a good book. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck is a new release by Mark Manson about finding what is important to you, and how to let go of what isn’t. A good gift for your deep-thinking travel friend!


9. Smartphone Lenses

Smartphone lenses are perfect for your friend who wants to take great pictures, without the bulk of a large DSLR camera. These attachments click onto your phone and come with differently filters, and lenses; including fish eyed and macro.

10. A Lifeproof Case

The must-have phone case for a traveler. Lifeproof cases are water, dust and drop proof and essentially, your phone cannot be destructed with one of these guys on.