There is beauty everywhere in this Japanese city

Once the capital of Japan, Kyoto is among the best-preserved cities and is home to over 1,600 temples and shrines. Couple Alexandra and Amir visited just one, the Tatsumi Daimyojin shrine, during their recent Travelshoot. 

What’s your dream travel destination? 

We traveled to Iceland last summer and fell in love with it. I would love to travel to more places like that- there were so few people and so much amazing, untouched nature. It was such a quiet, awe-inspiring vacation.

Name your must-have travel accessory. 
Good (and ideally cute) shoes!  

What’s your favourite city in the world and why? 
My favorite city is Kyoto. There is beauty everywhere - the temples and shrines, the architecture (a mix of modern apartments and traditional machiya), the many unique cafes and restaurants, and even the care with which shop owners package your purchased items. 

What’s your favourite leisure activity whilst your travelling? It could be something mellow like lying on the beach, or something more active like rock climbing.
While I love sight-seeing and experiencing new things, my favorite leisure activity while traveling is walking around and popping into stores and cafes. It's fun to see how all of the spaces are designed/decorated, what they're selling, and what food/drink are particular to that place. I feel like I get a sense of the "vibe", or what it's like to live there. 

What’s your favourite travel app? 
I like using snapchat to share interesting or funny things that I'm seeing and learning. 

What did you enjoy most about your Travelshoot? 
We enjoyed talking to Yuuki. She had lived in NYC for a while and we currently live in Kyoto (where she grew up), so we had lots to talk about. Her and her husband also has such cool jobs and that was fun to learn about. 
Which is your favourite Travelshoot image? 
The one on the bridge, where we're both laughing. 

Why do you think travellers will love Travelshoot?  
It's a good way to capture memories of a great trip! 
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