The perfect surprise gift

Monique was gifted with a special gift for her birthday... The gift of memories! One of Monique's close friends booked her a family Travelshoot to have on their holiday to Fiji.

We caught up with her to hear about her families experience, what they love about Fiji, and why it is so important to capture these family moments.



Tell us about yourself and your family!

I am a mum of two adventurous (and amazing) boys, Ari (4) and Frazer (2). My husband Nathan and I live in New Zealand near the top of the North Island. We both work full time, me as a Travel Agent and Nathan as a Civil Designer.


What took you to Fiji?

It is soon to be my 30th birthday so we were looking for a place to celebrate it. As friends of ours from Australia were travelling to Fiji we decided it would be a fantastic place to take the boys and meet up with them at the same time!



What was your favourite part about Fiji?

The people. Each and every person we met was so warm and friendly. They were amazing with the kids, and so welcoming wherever we went. 


Talk us through your Travelshoot - what were some of the best parts?

We LOVED our Travelshoot! It was a surprise for my birthday and one of the best surprises I could have ever asked for! Our photographer travelled to us and just made the shoot so natural and fun for all of us. There was no awkward posing and forced smiles, just lots of fun and he captured our craziness perfectly.

I love that he took us to a few different locations around the hotel to capture a bit of everything and he was so accommodating of our easily distracted and very mobile kids!



Why do you think it's so important to have family photos - particularly on holidays?

Holidays come and go so fast, so it's so important to capture those family moments when everyone is relaxed and having fun. Often on holiday I'm so busy having fun I forget to take photos myself, and they are such a great thing to look back on and remember all of the adventures had. I am honestly so in love with our photos, we have very few photos of all of us as the kids never sit still long enough! To receive these photos was simply amazing and something I will cherish forever. Photos keep telling stories long after memories fade!