The new 5 wedding favours you NEED to give your guests

Let's face it, as a guest to a wedding you don't care what you walk away with at the end of the night. So why do so many brides and grooms spend so much time and energy (and cash) on the wedding gift/favour? It's become a pretty competitive and lucrative piece of the wedding puzzle, and it's no wonder couples everywhere are running out of original ideas to impress their guests. 

With the average wedding in Australia costing between $30,000 and $50,000 and roughly just under 100 guests in attendance, is a few extra dollars (and a hell of a lot of effort) for each guest really worth it?

Nothing against personalisation, but am I really going to keep the chopsticks or mug or bottle of cheap wine with my name on it? Probably not. 

Google research shows some of the most popular wedding gifts right now are things like; 

  • personalised wine bottles 
  • plants 
  • matches (with the name of bride and groom on front to symbolise they're the perfect match?) 
  • drink coasters 
  • soap or candles

So we've progressed a little bit from the days of sugar almonds (this was the original wedding favour used by the french in the 16th century) but the questions amongst many brides still remains - is it really necessary? 

If you are a fan of the modern take on the tradition, I decided to look for some more original or different ideas in this space, particularly for those planning a 'big night' to celebrate their big day!


1. Hangover kit 

Look after your guests with the ultimate bag of hangover essentials (panadol, water etc) 


2. End with a bang 

A friend of mine recently used the below photo as inspiration, but instead of having a shot on entry to the reception, they decided to make it more interesting for their guests with an exit shot! 


3. Get personal 

Fortune cookies that the bride and groom design!


 4. Midnight snack 

After a big night on the dance floor, who doesn't love a late night feast or treat?


 5. Old school hand written note 

This is something I did for my own wedding, and not only was it free - but it was one of the most talked about things during and after the big day. The week leading up to the wedding, I spent an hour each night hand writing a note to each of our guests. We had our seating plan sorted, so the little personalised note sat in a little silver tin (we bulk buyed in Bali!) and along with the note was our favourite Byron Bay cookie. The notes were our way of saying thank you, and I tried my best to mention a funny memory, or something about that person that would make them smile on the night. In the age of text messages and emails, it's amazing what effect a small hand written message has. 

So we'll let you be the judge of how traditional or unique or even if you want to bother with the wedding favour at all, but remember there's simple and even free way's of thanking those who join you on your big day. 

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