The Most Romantic Destinations in Europe

Iceland is becoming a top pick for romantic holidays and honeymoons. This beautiful island is the perfect place for adventurous travellers seeking plenty of hiking, lagoon-dipping, ice-climbing, and chasing the Northern Lights.

Meagan tells us all about her incredible European trip, and we were lucky enough to capture that honeymoon magic in Iceland, Edinburgh & London...

Tell us a little about you & your partner! How did you meet?
We met through friends at a 1920's themed party. It took us two years of chatting and random catch-ups to become a couple, and two-years on, we're married! We spent our weekends visiting national parks, taking mini-trips away, visiting family (we've got eight parents + eight sisters between us, four nephews and a niece!) and friends, relaxing at home.

Do you love to travel?
Give us an idea of the places you have been, and how often you get away! We love to travel and visit new places. I've been to a number of places through work - South East Asia, Europe, the US, NZ, UK, Iceland but this was our first trip away together internationally. We love doing mini-trips away as often as possible – Blue Mountains, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Snowy Mountains etc

What made you book with Travelshoot to capture your this time on your honeymoon? Why was it important for you to capture these moments?
We wanted photos that weren't just selfies. It was our first international trip together and it was our honeymoon so we wanted photos that captured the places we visited, and also showed us having a great time. It was important that our photos were super natural and relaxed, and most of all fun!

How did you choose where to travel for your honeymoon?

We went to Iceland for something different. We wanted something unusual and we're not people who like to relax on a beach for days on end – we like to explore, and get out and about. We had four nights in Iceland hoping to see the Northern Lights – which we did on the very last day! Then we went to the UK, hired a car and drove around for two and a half weeks. It was the absolute best, we saw so many amazing things – both manmade and natural, and ate plenty of incredible food!

Talk us through your shoot and how it all went down! What were your favourite parts? Did you have fun?
The shoots to be honest felt a little awkward to start with - we're not used to paparazzi taking so many shots of us! But it only took a few minutes to relax and have fun. The photographers were great, really friendly, and made an effort to find out what sort of photos we like, and get to know us at the same time. They also were able to tell us where to get the best coffee and great restaurants, and local tips! While walking around it was a bit like being on a tour, they had loads of local knowledge and were able to provide us with bits of extra info we wouldn't have known otherwise.

What’s your favourite memory from the shoot day?
Edinburgh was the best photoshoot day. We were really excited to be in Edinburgh and our photographer was full of energy and so excited for us to be on our honeymoon. We got so so many amazing photos and they really capture the places we were visiting.

And finally - what’s your favourite shot from your Travelshoot? Why do you love it?
I couldn't pick just one! We love these three photos because they show us just relaxing and enjoying time together in a great city. Plus, the photos clearly show where we are so we have great memories of each city!