The magic of family

There is always something magical about capturing different generations of family together through photography. So of course, we weren't surprised to be blown away by the photos from our latest Travelshoot of Michelle's young family and her in-laws in Noosa! 


We caught up with Michelle to hear more about her Travelshoot experience.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your family!

I am a working mum with a young family. We love to spend time as a family outdoors and live on a small property in Samford, just out of Brisbane. We have loads of pets and love to travel! Life is busy with three young primary school kids, so we like to relax with a board game whenever we can, and of course travel whenever we can too!

What took you to the Sunshine Coast?

I was looking for a great experience that we could do with my Swedish in-laws and discovered Travelshoot. We are only an hour from the Sunshine Coast so this was a day trip for us purely for the Travelshoot. We love the beach at Noosa and thought it would be a nice day out and make for some great backdrops for out photos.



What was your favourite part about the Sunshine Coast?

I love the laid back atmosphere and the beaches! It is one of our favourite spots to holiday but we rarely get as far north as Noosa, so we loved exploring somewhere new and with a local who knew all the best spots.

Talk us through your Travelshoot!

We met Shirley at a cafe for a drink and then headed off for a bit of a walk. Shirley made us feel like we were just hanging out, so our photos are so relaxed, which I love. The kids had so much fun, which shows in all our photos. We hung out on the beach for a while playing and making sandcastles and then topped it all off with ice creams! Honestly, I love that it wasn't a traditional photo shoot, but rather a great way to spend the day and come away with some great photos at the end.



Why do you think it's so important to have family photos?

We did this initially as a gift for my in laws, who don't get to see the kids a lot living in Sweden. It ended up being a gift for us too though! The kids grow so quickly and when I look at our pictures on the wall, they make me smile. I want to hold onto those memories.

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