The last minute Father's Day presents that Dads will love!

The Sunday in Australia, it’s the day of the dad. Father’s Day. It’s a day where you stop and thank your dad for everything he’s done for you. 

For some that may mean cheers to dad for teaching you to ride a bike. Or for others it’s thanking him for not telling your mum you stumbled into the house 3 hours past your curfew. Or maybe it’s the time the two of you finished your very first DIY project together. Whatever it is there will always be a common thread amongst millennials, and that is a thank you to your dad for always having the video camera out.

Thousands of millennials today will have memories of their dads chasing them around with a video camera capturing the special moments of your childhood. For me it was our annual ski trip, without a doubt Dad would have the video camera out taking videos of us kids skiing down the mountain, falling over and showing off our ‘cool’ tricks. Or he would be there camera in hand, when my sister and I would perform our dance routines and plays we’d spent days making and perfecting. Whatever it was Dad would capture it on video and it would be saved and cherished forever or as some might see it saved to hold over us kids for the rest of our lives.

Because life can get in the way and us kids might leave this Father’s Day stuff to the last minute (you know who you are). We’ve chosen our top Father’s Day gifts you can get your Dad to say thanks for everything and all the memories he helped you create.

Blow your Dad's socks off and get him some Happy Socks: 

Help your dad open up a beer this Sunday with his own personalised bottle opener!


Or make sure your dad's jokes are up to date with a joke mug!


You could even keep it traditionally Australian and give dad a gift card to Bunnings to help fund all his DIY projects! 



Has you Dad got all of these already? What about his very own Travelshoot Experience? Get your Dad in front of the camera instead of behind it and capture some amazing family memories that will last a lifetime. Book your Dad a Travelshoot today!



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