The kid that stole the show for all the right reasons..

Sometimes photos do all the talking themselves.

Like this recent Travelshoot album for Australian couple Shannon and Simon with their son. The setting was their hometown in Brisbane, but it's one of those albums where the background kind of doesn't matter - the hero of these images is the preciousness of these family memories. 

As any mother will know, children grow and change so quickly, so Shannon like many of our clients wanted to document this moment in time - their happy, gorgeous and cheeky little man in all of his glory. 

It's easy to see why he certainly stole the show in this shoot, and just another example of how the innocence and carefree nature of children behind a camera lense make for some honest and magical moments.

The Travelshoot brief for this client experience was simple - personal and genuine family memories, photos that showcase what they're like as a family. 



So whether it's an updated family photo, maternity memories, or your little ones first birthday you're wanting to capture and celebrate - Travelshoot can help in your backyard, or on holiday in one of 90 cities around the world. After all, family moments deserve more than a selfie. 


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