The joke in Rio that created lifelong memories...

It's got to be said - the following client experience is definitely a different one. The client Tim, is very involved in Travelshoot operations and has been for years - so the team were a little shocked when he booked his own Travelshoot in Rio and made a comment about the fact it will be 'pretty funny'. We didn't exactly know what to expect, we knew there were matching white shirts involved and some drinks beforehand, but it turns out a few laughs turned into something pretty special... 

Who’s in the shoot and why did you book it?
A group of close friends growing up who are now based all around Australia and we never all seem to be in the same place at one so thought while we were staying in an AirBnb together in Rio it would be a great opportunity to get some great photos as well as a fun experience!

What was the occasion?
It was for a close friends wedding in Rio and we all had a couple of weeks enjoying the different parts of the city including Barra Di Tijuca where we had the shoot done

What did the group think about doing a Travelshoot?
Initially everyone thought it would be a good laugh and that we would get some really funny shots but I don’t think anyone expected to get the photos back that we did which genuinely captured the afternoon’s fun and photos we have all posted to social media, saved as our screen savers and have professional printed and framed on walls

Tell us about your experience!?
We didn’t want to have a touristy shoot in the middle of the busy beaches but still wanted to capture us being in Rio in the amazing AirBnb we rented on the beach. The photographer met us at the apartment and started with some photos of us all drinking and laughing on the balcony before heading down the beach. We got some intentionally funny group shots running along the beach and after a few beers finished with some speedo photos which we have since laughed at far too many times to count.

Why do you think these memories needed to be documented?
We’ve all travelled together so many times and all I have is iphone photos which are okay but nothing I’d want framed or sitting proudly on a wall on display. It was something that our friends who weren’t there are truly jealous of as it’s a memory for just the group that was there and photos that will always take me back to that particular day and how much we laughed and had fun getting the shoot done.

How did you find the photographer and did you learn anything about local life?Our photographer was lovely, she communicated really well leading up to the shoot offering a range of different locations and also recommending restaurants, bars and little known spots that you would never usually find. We ended up going out after the shoot to a little strip of bars in Barra away from the touristy areas of Ipanema and Copacobana and felt like we all got to experience the spots locals eat and drink.

Favourite photo and why
There is a photo I have framed on my wall of all of us sitting in the pool laughing with a drink in hand at the apartment with the beach in the backdrop. We’re all laughing and it’s actually a great representation of our time as we were lazing around in this beautiful place doing much the same a lot of our time here. Nothing is staged and it just looks like our group having a great old time!

Next on the travel list?
Bali at Christmas and New Years with family and friends and have already started looking at dates and going through potential locations for the next shoot and photo ideas!

Your favourite place in the world and why?
It’s hard to go past New York but I actually really love Australia – Melbourne is my favourite city and as much as the beach in Rio were amazing, I genuinely think the Gold Coast and Noosa are better. Everything here is so clean, people are friendly, food and drink choices and quality are great and our weather is pretty epic.

Best tip for someone going to Rio and why?
If you have a week or more, split your time between the touristy areas and the less popular areas. A capirinha on the beach in Ipanema (particularly the passionfruit one) is cheap and delicious and some of the little brunch spots just behind the main beach areas are really amazing. While we didn’t get to explore too much, the areas around Barra were really relaxing and had a great mix of bars, restaurants and cafes.