The instagram account that's making mothers smile...

I wanted to share one of the favourite parts of my day. A photographer who puts a smile on my face for the cuteness and creativity overload that is Laura Izumikawas social storytelling of her daughter Joey. 

What started out as the photographers flair for dressing up her daughter as pop culture icons while she was napping has now turned into a social obsession with over half a million people waiting for the next costume reveal. 

As a mother myself, following this account brings me so much joy not only watching the hilarious characters Joey depicts, but also the precious family memories this lifestyle photographer shares so openly. 

For your own daily happiness fix, check out @lauraiz to follow her hilarious and heartwarming concept, and be inspired by an incredible mothers photography style unlike no other. 

Of course we can't stage the same level of cute costumes (if we could my first pick would be the mermaid!) but if we can help with capturing some of your own family memories or update the photos of your precious little bundles, we can capture memories in over 80 cities.  


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