The Air BnB of camping that's changing road trips around Australia

When it comes to a genius travel idea, this is one of Australia's best.

With a national obsession for camping and road trips, Camplify is a changing the game in the travel industry for those who want to hit the open road. The concept is simple - renting out unused caravans, motorhomes and trailers to road trippers similar to Air BnB.

Camplify CEO Justin Hales said with such a growing market of families looking to rent and hire campervans there had to be a solution. 

“The average owner will leave their caravan unused for about 330 days a year, that’s a lot of time for a $50,000 investment to sit around when it could be making money.”

So we caught up with the Camplify team to ask a couple more nosy questions...

How is Camplify changing the game for holidaymakers?
Our mission is to connect RV owners with holidaymakers, so that more people can experience the joys of camping – with having to own a caravan or motorhome themselves. Being a 2-sided marketplace, we're solving 2 major problems: For RV owners: We're helping them earn income from their under-utilised assets (caravans, campervans, motorhomes and camper trailers) and earn between $280-$2100 hiring out their RVs. For holidaymakers, we're allowing them to experience camping holidays without having to purchase an RV 

What's the cost savings with Camplify?

The RV owners set their own hire pricing, so the cost to rent a caravan or camper really varies depending on the RV tyle, the location and the time of year. It varies, but on average hiring through Camplify instead of a traditional rental agency would save between 20%-40% per night. It really varies though.

So if you needed yet another excuse to plan that road trip, let this be it! 

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