The Gossip Girl Travelshoot we can't stop talking about

Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite... 

Introducing Rachael Hunziker, and her #blondetorage; Rebecca and Tegan. The three girls took to the most iconic NYC hotspots to finish off their girls trip with a Travelshoot. That's some seriously sweet icing to top the cake!



Tell us a bit about yourself and your friends!

We all come from different backgrounds but travel brought us together when we all worked as travel agents. Rebecca and I still work as agents, however Tegan is about to start Uni to become a pilot! Our friendship has kept us together. #blondetorage

What took you to New York - got any hot tips for us?

I was on a two month round the world trip and had planned to end it with a bang in New York for a girls trip. We all absolutely love New York; every corner you turn there is something happening or something to see. My hottest tip would have to be getting a metro card whilst there! They last seven days and give you unlimited rides which made for an easy way to explore all of the amazing sights from Central park all the way to Brooklyn. 



How was your Travelshoot? Did you have a theme going for your shoot?

We love Gossip Girl and what better place to do a shoot than the MET steps?! The day before we had caught the train the wrong way and ended up in Brooklyn so on our way back we found ourselves at Dana's and picked up far too many macarons - perfect for our little Gossip Girl moment! Our Travelshoot was so easy to book. We picked our time slot and was allocated to our amazing photographer. Best of all, we got our photos after 24 hours and were able to view them while we were still there! Thanks for the amazing experience, I honestly think it's the greatest idea since sliced bread. 

What is the best thing about going on a girls trip?

The best thing about a girls trip is travelling with your best friends - it's like experiencing everything for the first time. Even though we had all been before, we were able to show each other our favourite places and made new memories. New Years Eve was a highlight and something that we will be telling our children and grandchildren about.



If you could snap your fingers to be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

I think since the last day of our trip (after experiencing our first blizzard), we have all been dreaming about being on a beach in Tahiti with a cocktail working up our tan!