Skinny dipping on Bondi Beach?

Canadian best mates Heather and Diandra made the trek to the shores of Australia from Vancouver Island and got their feet wet with their very own Travelshoot. Possibly one of our most craziest clients yet - their joke about "yeh the shoot went great and hope you don't mind the skinny dipping pics" sent the office into a mild panic (um yep - skinny dipping on Bondi is absolutely illegal - let alone taking pictures of it!?) so we were relieved to hear and 'see' their Australian travel memories showed they kept their clothes on for the majority of their memories...

What's the travel story here? 

We both live in small town in Vancouver Island - and we put our jobs on hold for 3months so this trip was a big deal for both of us. We have seen a huge amount of Australia and our favourite part of this country is definitely the coastal areas, Bondi is just incredible. 

Why the Travelshoot? 

Both our phones were full of selfies and images that didn't really do our massive trip justice. Neither of us were travelling with really good camera gear, or are good at photography anyway. So we were at the end of our 3months and saw you could do one in Bondi, and we thought it would be really cool to at least get a handful of shots where we're in the photos together. 

Was it awkward in front of the camera? 

We thought it would be, neither of us are great at getting good shots, but I think because we spent most of the shoot mucking around and carrying on (our photographer had a lot of patience!) the photos that resulted were very natural which was good. Chris the photographer also made it very relaxed 'and chilled' so it wasn't like there was any pressure or posing involved. 


What did you take away from the experience? 

We're just happy we did it and now have some shots that we can look back on when we're older and remember our crazy trip of roadtrippping around Australia and how awesome the beaches were! And we also took away some awesome local tips from Chris the photographer - some local Bondi spots we got to check out that we wouldn't have done otherwise too. 

And finally - the skinny dipping prank? 

Yep sorry about that. No skinny dipping - but Chris did allow us to get some shots in the beach and ocean pools at the end - it was already our plan to go for a swim at the end of the shoot, so it was pretty cool he got a few shots when we were mucking around. We're no bikini models - but we're absolutely water babies - so this was pretty fun! 

Like the idea of your own Bondi Travelshoot experience (with or without the skinny dipping!?)


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