Sex and the city


Brooke from Blonde Ambition wanted some typical 'Sex and the City' shots from her recent New York Travelshoot, and our photographer Luc certainly delivered. "Luc was fantastic and the pictures are divine, especially the ones with the sunset. They are very Carrie-esque!" she says. See more of her amazing New York images here, or read on for her top tips when travelling.

What’s your dream travel destination? 


Sardinia. I feel happiest by the sea and Sardinia has always been near the top of my travel life. I dream of warm sunny days spent with the sun warming my shoulders, my bronzed skin shimmering with salt water and plates of freshly caught seafood for lunch and dinner. 

Name your must-have travel accessory.  
It's not so much a travel accessory as a travel hack - zip lock bags. I always carry ziplock bags in a range of sizes; they are great for packing underwear (clean and dirty), wet swimwear, shoes, receipts, jewellery, toiletries etc. As far as accessories go, I couldn't leave home without some form of camera. 

What’s your favourite city in the world and why? 
Even though I once lived in London, New York is my favourite city in the world and always a good idea when it comes to holiday destinations. I feel there's something intoxicating about the concrete jungle; it always seems to hold such promise and adventure for me. 

What’s your favourite leisure activity whilst your travelling? 
If I'm on a beach holiday, I'm usually pretty happy to hit a sunlounger by the ocean and settle in with a few great beach reads. If I'm on a city break, there's nothing I love more than sitting down in a park or a major tourist area with a cool drink and people watching. I love watching people; what they're wearing, how they interact with others, working out who is a tourist and who lives in the city. 

What’s your favourite travel app? 

UberPool was a lifesaver - or rather a money saver - while traveling. It was a great way to get from A to B, meet people headed in a similar direction who gave me tips about places to do and things to do in each city and it meant I had money left over for cocktails when I got to my destination! 

Was your Travelshoot for a special occasion? 

As a solo traveler, I often find that I end up with landscape images or selfies, but rarely beautiful photos with me in them. Travelshoot was a chance for me to get some beautiful photos of a city I adore with me in them. I'm also a fashion and travel blogger so I wanted to have some photos to share that would blow my readers away. 

What did you enjoy most about your Travelshoot? 

I loved that Luc captured some really natural shots of me walking around Central Park, down Fifth Avenue and in Times Square. It's nice to have images that show me enjoying my holiday and making the most of the surroundings, rather than selfies or slightly awkward photos taken by random people walking past. 

Which is your favourite Travelshoot image? 

I've struggled to choose my favourite image from my Travelshoot because there are two that I absolutely love. The first has me bathed in a golden glow from the start of Manhattanhenge and the second is a black and white image from when I was crossing the road and it has such as Sex and the City feel to it which was what I was hoping for in the shoot. 

Why do you think travellers will love Travelshoot?  

Travelshoot not only results in an amazing assortment of photos, but it gives you a glimpse at your chosen location through the eyes of those who know it best - photographers who live there. I picked up some great ideas on places to visit from Luc which I may not otherwise have heard about or found online, especially when it comes to a city like New York, where there's something different on every corner (unless it's a pretzel/hotdog stand!)