Putting mums back in the picture

Take a look at the photos on your phone from the last year what do you see?

Most likely you’ve snapped tons of ridiculously cute photos of your kids, around the house and on various adventures, with a good chunk co-starring your hubby, and less than a handful featuring you.

If, like so many other mothers, you are the unofficial family photographer whether by choice or default it is time to make a change so your no longer missing from family photos!

Here at Travelshoot, we want to put mums back in the picture.

Here are four reasons why:


1. The kids grow up so fast!

We know that Mum-life is busy and fun-filled, and there never seems a good time to stop and take those family photos you’ve been meaning to. But we promise that you won’t regret setting aside some time to capture treasured memories between you and your little ones. No need to wait for a milestone birthday take those photos now!

2. If not for you, do it for them

Your kids think you are amazing. You are their mum. It’s so important that you make memories of all of the time you spent with each other. When you’re going through albums in 20 years time, they’ll love to see pictures of you together, and so will you.

3. Capture everyday moments

We think the most magical moments to capture with your kids, are your everyday ones. Walking in the park. Cuddles at the end of a fun-filled day. Playing at the beach. Is there anything more beautiful than creating mementos of times like this? Let’s make sure you’re in them.

4. Get it right

The right lighting, the right moments, in the right setting – taking quality photographs can be hard work. Rather than putting the pressure on yourself or trusting a passer-by to help you create something special, why not let our professional photographers capture those perfect moments?

Travelshoot experiences start at just $399, and we can arrange family photography sessions at home, in the park, on the beach, or for your next family holiday – anywhere in the world. We'll make sure it's a fun and relaxed experience, filled with precious memories to keep for years and years to come.

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