Paris: The perfect feel good trip with your mum

For a truly unforgettable mother-daughter experience, head to Paris – the City of Lights. Go for a shopping session on the Champs-Elysées, eat decadent pastries, all while enjoying the beauty, style, and charms of Paris. Madeline shares some delightful ideas to help you spend quality time together. Bon voyage!

Tell us about your family! How many of you are there?
I have my mum and brother, and then my father has re-married a South African lady who has two sons, which means I am surrounded by men when I go and visit my dad!

If I’m able to I love to do sneaky weekend getaways, but if I’m in Sydney I would say enjoying Freshwater Beach on a sunny day, or catching up with friends for dinner and drinks, trying out new funky restaurants and bars.

I don’t think you could ever meet a travel agent who doesn’t like to travel! There’s no way you could work in the industry if you didn’t enjoy it. If I could spend the rest of my life travelling and exploring the world, my family would never see me again!

How did you choose your getaway destination this time around? 
Funnily enough, I chose this destination to prove to my mum there’s more to see in Europe than Germany. Her background is German, and since going there for her first time in 2012 it’s the only destination she wants to travel to.

I had been to Paris myself backpacking for a brief three day stop and I loved it, so it was an amazing opportunity to show my mum the sites, and more importantly the macaroons at Ladurée!

Why did you decide to arrange a photoshoot with your Mum?
Honestly, I think Travelshoot is such a great concept! I did one in New York six months prior with my best friend, and we got some amazing shots that we’ll treasure for the rest of our lives. I think it’s hard in everyday life to get quality shots as you’re so busy living that most of the time the photos you have are selfies!

The most recent photo of my mum and me before this was a selfie at a family reunion two years prior so I thought it was a great opportunity to not only get some photos together but also remember the trip in a city we may never get back to... two birds with one stone and all.

Talk us through your Travelshoot experience and how it all went down! What were your favourite parts? Did you have fun?
It was such an easy experience. I ended up adding Oksana (photographer) on Facebook as that was the easiest way for me to communicate with her, which she was more than happy to do. We set up at a time and a location, and I sent over some previous Travelshoot photos with the styles I was looking for.

Oksana was so friendly and welcoming that we felt completely comfortable with her from the get-go, and felt more like I was talking to a friend throughout the shoot. I think my favourite part of the shoot was Oksana stopping us randomly to take photos when the lighting was perfect, or she saw something to show us that we would have otherwise walked straight past.

What would be your advice to a others thinking about booking a shoot?Don’t be afraid to give it a go! With both shoots in New York and Paris my travel companions were so nervous and felt a bit awkward in front of the camera, but after the first few photos were taken they were naturals! It helps that the photographers are so friendly it feels like it's just another friend taking your photo.

And finally, what’s your favourite shot from your Travelshoot? Why do you love it?
That’s like asking a mother to pick her favourite child, they’re all amazing! If I was forced to chose, I’d say the below due to the fact that not only are the colours beautiful, to me it looks completely natural like we’re just taking a walk on a Thursday afternoon discussing each others’ day – only thing is we’re in front of the Eiffel Tower!