Opposites Attract Against the Remarkable Landscape of New Zealand

Raj and Shradha take us on a refreshingly personal journey as they share their story and Travelshoot experiences. Sometimes, love doesn't make sense and it's oddly perfect.

Tell us a little about you and your wife. How did you meet? Do you have any kids, or pets? How do you like to spend your weekends?

I am a TV Presenter by profession and I own a digital marketing firm, Raj Media Solutions. My wife comes from a financial background with entrepreneurial aspirations. My lifestyle, interests, likings do not really align with that of my wife. We are two parallel lines, with no real scope of meeting. But, then there is a magic string that connects these lines. We call it a string of ‘love’.

We met at a business conference. Our meeting was mere coincidence. Definitely not a pleasant and desirable opinion about each other in the beginning. But then, it was a professional need. So, We initially started our relationship on a professional note and as time passed, we found an intense connection in other aspects too - the intellectual pace, personal, emotional and then the physical quotient. As soon as we realised that there was a different connection between us, we consented on getting hitched.

It’s not very long since we got married. We just celebrated our first month anniversary. But, going forward, we definitely want a dog as a pet. If given a choice, My wife would love a pet cow, horse, parrot and turtle along with the dog!

On weekends, We like to travel, explore different places and connect to mother-nature, watch movies or live-plays, dining in a fine restaurant, attend social gatherings, participate in some social activity, hang out with friends and most importantly, spend good quality time with family.

Do you love to travel? Give us an idea of the places you have been, and how often you get away!

Fortunately, travelling is a mutual interest and we try to travel overseas once or twice a year. I have travelled to numerous countries. Some of them are USA, London, Australia, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Singapore, and Thailand. The best of the lot being New Zealand for three obvious reasons: (1) it’s scenic beauty, (2) it houses various adventure sports, and (3) the most important thing, I could explore the above two with my life-partner.

My wife has not explored many countries, but she has explored numerous cities in India. She has a special connection with nature and adventure sports. That is why New Zealand was our preferred choice for honeymoon.

What made you book two Travelshoots to capture moments of your honeymoon in New Zealand? Why was it important for you to capture these moments?

The only way to relive the memories is through photographs and writings. I like getting clicked. My past experience with Travelshoot, made me certain about my visualisation of capturing memories through photos. As a honeymoon is an extremely special event in life, we made sure that we have a tangible memory of our experience.

Secondly, when you travel as a couple, it is difficult to get beautiful couple pictures in scenic places, especially when the third outsider person is not very skilled in photography. We are so delighted with the images that I would book for (at least) one Travelshoot in my future voyages, too.

Talk us through your Travelshoot sessions in both Mount Cook and Queenstown! What were your favourite parts? Did you have fun?

Our Mount cook shoot, was a surprise one in terms of the weather. It was rainy and stormy. But then the photographer turned the shoot in a pleasant way. She found a hut type arrangement in the Hotel Hermitage, and made a story out of the possible shoot. She disguised the story as two young couples are enjoying the rain, got wet and took shelter in some isolated hut.

Our second shoot, Queenstown, yet another epic one. Due to weather conditions, we had to shuffle various activities. The photographer was flexible and cooperative to adjust to our needs. It was a good sunny weather, a boon for both of us. In contrast to the previous shoot, the privilege of being photographed in the city, Queenstown, with the Remarkables as the backdrop was magnificent. We just loved the experience.

What’s your favourite memory from each shoot day?

During our mount cook shoot, For a minute, just for a click, we were supposed to get away our umbrellas. For that minute, the wind struck us so hard, that we started laughing like hyenas and started jumping. The madness of the wind was clearly seen in our behaviour for that moment. The pictures clearly depict those emotions.

The second shot, there is nothing specific to write about. The entire period was stunning, wherein we were gasped in the beauty of the country. My wife, who is a nature freak, couldn’t control her emotions at the end. She was overwhelmed with the beauty.

And finally,what’s your favourite shot from each of your Travelshoots? Why do you love them? 

We love all the images and there is no one favourite shot from each of the Travelshoots. However, we have attached 4 of them. You can choose to feature images that you love too! The reason why we love them is because of the authenticity and genuinity of our bond that these pictures portray!