Nadia Stamp on rediscovering her roots through travel after Married at First Sight

After her debut on Married at First Sight, Nadia Stamp took to Bali for a personal holiday to work on herself and reflect on her experiences over the year.

We caught up with Nadia for a Travelshoot to capture her solo journey, and found out more about what she is getting up to.



What took you to Bali?

This year I went on a personal trip and focused on working to centre myself and reflect on the year that's been. Coming off Married at First Sight has been an intense experience and I desperately needed some down time to process the journey. This trip was about getting back in touch with my creativity and to start developing my signature brand @stamp_collective - Luxe Leather handbags for the versatile woman.


What was your favourite memory from your trip to Bali?

The highlight of my trip was my daily yoga at Desa sensi, and the quiet time spent in the Villa processing my inner thoughts. Finalising designs for my brand, and seeing the product come together was also a highlight. Trusting that creative process and seeing your vision come alive is really special.



What motivates you to leading a healthy lifestyle and what do you enjoy about it?

I am now in my late 30's and have been blessed with a fit healthy body - but in saying that, it requires nourishment in what I eat and the kind of lifestyle I choose to lead. Fitness is hugely important to me, not only does it allow me to be energetic and full of life, it also gives me endurance to keep up with anyone of any age. In saying that, I also enjoy a good party, champagne and a dance floor. Whilst I like to be in touch spiritually and stay active, I do believe age is just a number and I prefer to have fun and stay vibrant rather than letting life pass me by. I don't plan on hanging up my dancing shoes just yet!


How did Married at First Sight affect your outlook on life and love?

The experience made me appreciate who I have become as a person and how I care for those around me. It made me confident to trust my instinct and not allow anyone to tell you how or who to love. I gave the experiment a genuine go and I went in open to a possibility. The show made me realise how much I am not willing to settle for the sake of fear. Since the show, I have really made an effort to foster a loving and nurturing relationship with myself, which I have learned is quite liberating. This has possibly made me a little more closed to the prospect of finding love, however I would prefer it to happen organically. 



What did you find inspiring about Bali?

Bliss Sanctuary for Women in Seminyak is right in the heart of Bali, where you can immerse yourself in the culture, shopping and nightlife. The great thing is it is tucked away in a private location away from the hustle and bustle and all you can hear are the birds and the trees.


What did you enjoy most about your Travelshoot?

I loved working with Travelshoot. It was a great opportunity to work with professional photographers to capture special lifetime memories of travel. The quality is amazing and it was so easy to arrange. 


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