How Sea World Resort has solved a parent problem...

Lets face it, family photos can be hectic. Young kids are unpredictable, parents can get stressed, but family memories together are always worth it right? I'm in the club so I get it - my son is 4 and daughter is 5, and a one off smile for a photo in exchange (aka bribe) for a lollipop is sometimes as good as it gets.

Over the years working for Travelshoot I get a lot of the same feedback from parents. (so I'm not alone!) So solving that problem was the idea behind a new collaboration - and Sea World Resort have officially made our parent goals come true. Together we have created an experience that's perfect for young families - an express 30minute Travelshoot for guests at the resort. Even better - guests can choose between having their photos taken in the resort, or directly across the road on the beach - best of both worlds right!? 

On my own recent holiday with the kids we decided to test out the in-resort option and see what locations could be possible in 30mins and I was blown away with how many scenic viewpoints there are in the resort! (ignore the rainy weather in our photos!)

Our 30min experience looked liked this -

We met the photographer in reception and first stop was to wander through to the outdoor area in front of the lobby cafe. The manicured gardens, mature trees and the gondola actually provide a really pretty space for images with the elevated broadwater views in the background. We spent about 10mins in this location and it felt really easy with the kids having plenty of space to run around and get a mix of still and candid shots. (sidenote - this was also our favourite spot to have pizzas and a wine in the evenings and let the kids run wild!)

We then wandered down to the Boatshed overlooking the Broadwater - this was my favourite spot for photos. There's a grassy hill to take in the views, the jetty to wander on, and even a boat-ramp to skim some rocks with the kids to keep them entertained. 

We spent 15mins in this spot and it felt so easy with the kids and we got a really nice variety of memories in this location. Last stop was some memories for the kids in front of the kids pool (at their request!) which was an easy way to get some big smiles. 

So the verdict? The resort proved to be a really versatile, easy and most of all - a beautifully scenic place to have some family memories. The 30mins allowed a range of images and this format of locations kept the kids easily entertained. 

I also found doing the shoot at 9am was a great time - the resort in the garden spaces is really quiet with guests either still having breakfast or getting ready for the theme park. Outdoor light for professional photos at this time is ideal, and kids are in a good mood! (well not always, but a better chance right!?) 

Quick tips if you're keen to get your own family memories:
- morning or afternoon light is best (7.30am - 10am) (3pm - 5.30pm) 
- plain clothes are best - no busy patterns ideally 
- laughing makes the best photos - have some jokes or silly gestures ready to make the kids have a fun time, and the results will be 10 times better! 

Interested? Your can book your own Sea World Resort Travelshoot here or you can also get in touch with our team with any queries here too!