It Doesn't Get Much Sweeter Than a Family Honeymoon in Hobart

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With their wedding the week before and the love still flowing, it was the perfect time for the Thompson family's Travelshoot experience. They put their trust in their photographer as they navigated the harbourside and their special family bond was captured in time. 

Tell us about your family! How many of you are there?

There's myself, my new husband, Zach and our 2-year-old daughter, Adelyn. We just got married on the weekend before the photoshoot!

What do you love about your shoot location? Why did you pick to have a photoshoot here?

We didn't know much about Hobart, but Rosie loved this particular area and the photos turned out really cool!

Why did you decide to arrange a family photoshoot? To bump up your family album? To mark a special occasion? Or to make sure you have some photos of you all together?
Our wedding was the week before, so it was easy to convince Zach to get photos for our family honeymoon because he was still in the photo-mood!

Talk us through your Travelshoot experience and how it all went down! What were your favourite parts? How did your daughter find the shoot? Did you all have fun?

It was a great time (very cold)! I brought lollipops which helped me as I was pretty sick and it also worked as a good distraction for our daughter who is quite shy.


What would be your advice to a family thinking about booking a shoot?

Definitely give it a go! It was a bit weird at first because we felt so nervous, but Rosie made us feel really calm and natural. She worked really well with my daughter to get some great family photos.


What’s your favourite shot from your Travelshoot? Why do you love it?

This image because it shows us all happy!