Larry takes the London Landmarks

Ahhh, London. The square mile. The home to arguably the best breakfasts in the world, London Bridge (which for the record, isn't falling down), a huge clock tower and the fourth largest ferris wheel on earth... What's not to love?
Larry Koh ventured to London with four of his friends to check out what the beautiful city had to offer. We helped to capture a part of his day and created memories to last a lifetime.
Tell us a bit about yourself!
I’m from Singapore! I would like to think that I’m a full-time traveller, but one can dream right? Haha. I work in a foreign bank by day as an compliance officer. And I do social media related work after working hours or as and when I have the time. 
What took you to London?
A couple of friends and myself were just discussing on where to go for our end of year holiday, and Europe has always been a destination on our minds! Given that we chanced upon some good deals to London, plus landed a few hotel reviewing and restaurant tasting event invitations for my social media and blog, we decided to include it in our trip!
Tell us more about your blog!
I blog once in a while for venues, experiences and food reviews. The story is quite random actually... I was just trying to find a pace to pen down my thoughts, and that is how I got into writing really! I really enjoy when people stumble across my reviews and tell me they learnt a thing or two from it! I also enjoy constructive feedback, it allows for me to improve my writing, style and direction which is very beneficial.
What was your favourite memory from your trip to London?
My favourite memory has to be the day where we just explored London and its rich heritage of museums and landmarks, as well as some good food! We were accompanied by refreshingly cool weather (it's really hot in Singapore), and so my friends and I just chilled out and explored the city, taking photos along the way. We had a relaxing and purposeful day- and that in itself is something worth remembering. 


What did you enjoy the most about your Travelshoot?
Everything! I really enjoyed meeting my photographer, and then everything else! My photographer was really patient, and gave valuable insights on the best shoot locations. I also really like how fast Travelshoot had our photos sent to us- it's really professional. I am really impressed with the quality of the photos as well, definitely TOP notch!
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