How to lay-by your honeymoon and not pay for it

Turns out the crystal glassware and baking sets are out - engaged couples are turning their backs on the tradition of wedding gifts and opting for a new take on a wedding gift registry.

A survey undertaken saw that in 2014, 79.4% of couples who got married had lived together beforehand so the need for crockery and linen was no longer. Bessie Hassan, from Money Expert says, ““More than three quarters of couples live together before they wed, which means they don’t need traditional wedding gifts such as household items”. With more and more couples living together, sharing a home, the gift giving experience is facing a change.

The change in gift giving comes with of course a little controversy. Theres is now an increasingly amount of couples that are asking about cash gifts. A survey found that 44% of recently married couples as for cash gifts, 32% did not give a gift guideline, with 18% requesting no gifts, 15% of married couples having a register and only 2% of couples requesting gifts to be given to a charity.

With some guests taking offence to the new-age cash request, a new alternative has entered the wedding industry that is making headwaves for travel enthused bride and grooms.

Cue the Honeymoon Fund. The Honeymoon fund works exactly like a gift registry where guests can select and purchase gifts that the couple have requested. However instead of homewares, the gifts are things that the couples can do on their honeymoon. These could include; wine tastings, tours, spa treatments, romantic meals (and of course a Travelshoot!) Guests can also help contribute to more expensive holiday expenses such as; flights and accommodation.

This idea is becoming widely popular as it is a more discrete and polite way of asking for money but also allowing guests to give the couple something personalised and special that they will be able to use on their honeymoon.

There is an abundance of websites and apps that can help couples create their Honeymoon registry. Flight Centre offers an easy to use honeymoon registry in which guests can physically pay off the couples holiday. Flight Centres products include flights, holiday packages, hotel bookings, cruises, tours and activities - ideal for any honeymoon.

Another key player within the Honeymoon registry industry is Honey fund. Honey fund allows couples to tailor their registry to their honeymoon. Guests can have the choice to pay for the honeymoon gift using credit card (which will then go directly into the couples honeymoon fund) or by cash in which they will receive a certificate of the product they intent to purchase. 

So when crockery and cash it not an option, cheers to some epic honeymoon travel experiences! And of course, honeymoon memories deserve much more than a selfie - so check out Travelshoot's honeymoon packages for your special getaway!


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