How Hiding Behind a Pot Plant Captured a Perfect Moment

A proposal is a big thing. When you propose, you’re asking the love of your life one of the biggest questions you’ll ever ask.  So of course, when you’re asking such an important life altering question you want it to be perfect. However, even when the whole moment if perfect and everything goes to plan, there is a common thing that is forgotten – capturing that moment.


There’s a general idea that hiring a professional photographer to capture the moment will ruin it. Some believe that hiring a photographer will ruin the surprise of the proposal. Luckily, Travelshoot photographers are highly skilled in capturing the moment the love of your life says yes. Our photographers are overly qualified to hide in bushes or behind large objects or can even pretend to be an unsuspecting tourist near to where you are. All without your loved one’s knowledge.


Michael and his fiancé Linh (spoiler she said yes) were the perfect example of how Travelshoot can be there to capture your special moment. One of our Gold Coast photographers hid in a bush at the Palazzo Versace all while capturing the moment Michael asked Linh to marry him. Everything went to Plan and Linh had no idea - our photographers sleuth level was high and went completely undetected.


We spoke to Michael about what he thought of Travelshoot capturing his proposal, check out what he said below:


“I was able to personally liaise with the photographer about my requirements for the surprise proposal. I was able arrange for the photographer to hide in the background of where I was going to propose. They managed to take amazing shots to capture the happiest and emotional moments of our lives. With these photos, I will also be able to relive that moment for the rest of my life”



“I am a typical man who is not artsy or up to date with fashion trends let alone being photogenic. The thought of using a photographer was a daunting process however the opportunity to capture a moment professionally and having the moment captured for posterity is priceless and I believe outweighs the fear of using a photographer”


Are you planning your own surprise proposal? Let Travelshoot help capture the moment they say yes!  


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