Have your cake and eat it too

After Anna and Alex were invited to a wedding in Ireland, they decided it was the perfect opportunity to make a trip out of - topped off with a Travelshoot. Have your cake and eat it too, right?!

We caught up with Alex to hear about his holiday, and his Travelshoot experience. 


Please tell us a bit about yourselves!

Anna and I have been married for 4 1/2 years. Both of us are professionals having spent the last few years with Anna studying we haven't taken much time to Travel.

Tell us about your trip- what took you to London?

We were invited to a friend's wedding in Ireland and when we got the invitation we realised we wanted to make a really big trip out of it. We had some close friends of ours move to London a few years ago and realised pretty quickly this was a perfect opportunity to visit them. Having not really travelled much we were keen to make some really great memories out of the trip. 



What was your favourite part about London ?

We did all the classic tourist traps - our top two attractions were the Churchill War rooms & the Tower of London.

Talk us through you Travelshoot! What did you like about it?

I'll be honest that Anna was a bit sceptical about doing Travelshoot at first, it's not something that we would traditionally do as a couple - however, I have to say that we are both absolutely over the moon with the photos! I loved the premise of walking around exploring and having someone capture those memories and I really wanted a landmark memory to look back on - Travelshoot  definitely fit the bill!



Where is your dream destination?

We've both always wanted to explore rural France! I've always dreamt of living there for 6 months in a tiny cottage somewhere!


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