Hanging with the locals in Barcelona

Travel addicts Al & Millie loved their Travelshoot in bustling Barcelona — especially as their photographer Berta showed them secret parts of the city they’d have never found for themselves!

Our favourite bit about booking a Travelshoot experience for an overseas adventure? That you can relax knowing your photographer will have great local knowledge, and that they are aligned with our whole philosophy — capturing those genuine moments, in a relaxed and candid way.

Lasting memories of your destination *and* insider tips... We can’t think of a better way to explore a new pocket of the world!


Tell us a little about you & your partner!  Do you love to travel? 
My Partner Millie is from London originally, and we met 14 years ago in a Summer Theatre Camp in Upstate New York —travel has pretty much been an important part of our lives ever since! We now live in Brisbane and spend a lot of time planning our next getaways, from weekends away with friends, trips home to London to see family, skiing holidays, or new adventures. We especially love the odd luxury beach break… you just can’t beat a private pool villa!


What do you do for fun?  How do you like to spend your weekends?
We had a little Beagle, who sadly passed away last year, and we are looking forward to adopting a new fur-baby this year. For now, we love date-nights at the cinema, going to new restaurants, gardening, and renovating. Well… maybe less love for the last two, but it's nice to feel a little house-proud!


What made you book a Travelshoot? Where did you get the idea?
Whenever we travel anywhere it's generally me that's armed with the camera, and I rarely end up appearing in any photos myself! So I loved the idea of a Travelshoot from the get-go. Exploring a new city whilst capturing photos & memories of us together really appealed to me as a fun way to experience Barcelona. I work for a travel company, and when I first heard of Travelshoot I thought it was a brilliant thing to add on to any type of holiday. I couldn't wait to try it.

Talk us through your shoot and how it all went down! What were your favourite parts? Did you have fun?
We are generally quite a fun, quirky couple on holidays - we don't necessarily follow the path most traveled! So right from the start, we knew we'd much prefer more unusual and 'in the moment' shots — we didn’t want too many ‘lovey dovey’ photos.

Our Barcelona shoot started out late afternoon, just as it was starting to cool down a bit. We started out in the Old Town and met our photographer, Berta, in the Plaza Saint Jaume. We immediately set off in search of some quiet corners of the old town and found some incredible little hidden squares and alleyways — despite it being Barcelona’s busiest time of year!

Berta was an amazing guide, pointing out small architectural details that we'd have never seen ourselves, from bullet holes dating back to the Spanish civil war, to ancient Roman foundation walls buried below impressive buildings. For the hour we were with Berta, we learnt more about Barcelona than on other city tour we had ever done, with the added bonus of being left with some beautiful photos of our experience.

Tell us your favourite travel memory? What’s been the most amazing thing you’ve seen, or the place you’ve had the most fun?
We’ve been lucky enough to have some amazing adventures! Our favourite moments include holding an Orangutan in Kota Kinabalu, wandering the souks in Fez, seeing the Northern Lights and dog sledding in northern Finland. We've also watched the beach volleyball in the Horse Guards at the London Olympics, seen the Singapore Grand Prix from a private viewing deck and, a recent highlight, have enjoyed skiing in Fernie, British Columbia.

What country/destination takes the top spot on your travel wishlist?
My 40th birthday was a few years ago, and my bucket-list trip was to see the Northern Lights and to ski below the Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland. Millie turns 40 in a few years time, and our grand adventure to celebrate will be to fly round the world, stopping first of all in London to spend her special day with friends and family. We'll then fly to Iceland to experience the volcanoes, hot springs and the place where the continental plates collide, before thawing out with more volcanic adventures on the Big Island of Hawaii — we are calling it our 'Lands of Fire and Ice' tour!

Finally - what’s your favourite shot from your Travelshoot? Why do you love it?
I love this photo [above]. We look like 'us' and really relaxed, but the shot also showcases the Barcelona perfectly. The way that you can spy the window boxes and old gas-lamps tucked amongst the modern graffiti —it perfectly sums up the two clashing worlds of the city.

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