From punch ups to a sibling business combo

There’s a dynamic duo now taking the reins of Travelshoot and while some people say never work with family or friends, the interest in how this brother sister business combo make it work has been a hot topic. So over their morning coffee run we sat down and found out more…

Travelshoot has taken off in the last 12months since it's launch – who’s behind it?
Sarah: Being totally honest our launch period caught us off guard in terms of how much interest in the business there was, of course a nice business problem to address! I've had a few people, including Tim in the background helping me with the business for some time due to how quickly its grown and we all knew at some point the timing would be right for him to join us and that time was definitely this year.

Were you guys worried about working together?
Sarah: The best advice I've had is to be real with yourself and accept what your good at, and recognize what you're bad at and for the stuff you suck at, find someone who fills that gap. This is essential when it comes to business partners and leading a team so I knew Tim and I were polar opposites with our strengths, and that's why he's worked with me on this from the start! 
Tim: The business is big enough now to each have our own focus points within Travelshoot, some days we don’t even have time to catch up.

Did you both want to work in the travel space?
Both Sarah and I pretty much spent all our twenties on or planning our next travel adventure so while it was never a goal to work in the industry, now getting to work in this space definitely is a bonus.
Sarah: Our whole team is pretty well travelled, so it definitely makes it easier to brainstorm location ideas with photographers.

What’s your advice for others wanting to get into business with friends or family?
Sarah: People who compliment skillsets will make it work and it’s still business after all. Of course make sure you have good legals in place because you just never know what can happen in the future.
Tim: If you can’t be brutally honest with the other party and separate the family relationship then don’t do it. Sarah and I can be brutally honest and frustrate each other and laugh about our banter five minutes later (sometimes it takes 10 if I take it too far).

Do you ever disagree?    
Absolutely we do but we just work through it. We’re pretty similar when it comes to being honest and not sugar coating stuff. Fortunately neither of us are overly sensitive and we are both committed to making the business successful which is why it works.
Sarah: we've come a long way, we're pretty good mates now - but back in school days we would fight a lot. It got so bad when we were around 10yrs old that we needed a cardboard box as a divider in the backseat of the car so we couldn't see each other!

What’s the biggest travel trend you each love right now?
Tim: It’s not a new trend, but I think more and more people are travelling lighter and with ‘less stuff’. I like the focus shifting away from the materials you’re travelling with and the focus being more on new experiences and adventures.
Sarah: I’m a big fan of the marketplace movement, so air BnB and Uber are now a big part of our travel plans. I really love getting to meet locals and the technology we can now all access to improve our travel experiences has really changed the game.

What’s the secret to separating work and life outside of work?
Tim: Being organized and getting everything you wanted done at work so you have time to focus on fun stuff outside of work.
Sarah: Life’s too short and while work and having your own business is wonderful, family and friends and appreciating good health is way more important.