Best Friends Take on Nashville in Style

Soul sisters, connected by years of friendship and a love of travel and tunes set their sights on Music City. Get it, girls!

Carly and Chelsea took on the legendary home of country music to explore the creative and expansive music and culinary scenes. We caught up with them to find out everything that went down on their Nashville Travelshoot experience.

Hint: The only way to survive and thrive in Music City is by wearing cowboy boots and embracing the universal language of music!


Tell us a little about you and Chelsea! How do you like to spend your time together? How long have you been friends? How did you two become best friends?
Chelsea and I met five years ago through working at Flight Centre. We both share a love for great food, music, and getting off the beaten track. Our trips always revolve around these three things.

Do you love to travel? Give us an idea of the places you have visited, and how often you getaway.
We both love to travel! We have both travelled extensively throughout the USA. Tennessee and South Carolina are our favourite states. Outside of the US, my top two are Canada and India. Chelsea’s top countries are Scotland and Germany. We each try to do one big international trip and one domestic trip per year.

Name one thing that you can’t travel without?
A sense of humour :)

How did you choose your getaway destination? Is this somewhere with special meaning to you or Chelsea? Or is it somewhere you have always wanted to visit?
Nashville is our favourite city. The music, neon lights, food, and southern hospitality make this city so special. Anyone who has been to Nashville and has been out on Broadway at night would agree it is like another world. It just made sense to get our next Travelshoot here.

What made you choose to book this photoshoot? Was it to mark something special? Or just to capture those travel memories in style?
We did a Travelshoot in NYC two years ago and had the best experience. We both treasure our photos so agreed we wanted to do it again!

Talk us through your Travelshoot experience and how it all went down! What were your favourite parts? Did you two have fun?
We had the best time, it was super casual and Hannah made us feel comfortable with her from the minute we met. This was super important as we are the most awkward people alive. Our favourite part was once we had finished up we went to a bar and Hannah gave us loads of recommendations for bars, restaurants, and different areas to go in Nashville. Great to get recommendations from a local that aren’t super touristy.

Which country or destination takes the top spot on your travel wishlist and why?

Carly | Lapland, because Christmas!

Chelsea | Mexico, specifically for “Crash my Playa” music festival.

    And finally, what’s your favourite shot from your Travelshoot? Why do you love it?
    Our favourite photo is the one attached. It makes us smile every time we look at it!