Family Spotlight: The Best Kid-Friendly Getaway

There's a sandy stretch of Queensland coast, with year-round sunshine that's the perfect kid-friendly destination in any season. We caught up with Amanda to find out her favourite things about taking a weekend away to Noosa, and how she manages to keep the kids happy while getting a great collection of photos for the family album.

Tell us about your family...
I have three children, Stella - 12, Fergus - 10 and Oscar - 7, and we have one cat called Monte Carlos! Our weekends are busy and filled with sport, seeing friends, relaxing and lots of swimming in the pool for the kids!

What do you love about your shoot location? Why did you pick to have a photoshoot here?
Noosa is our favourite holiday spot! We go on at least one holiday a year, plus weekends away. It is so relaxing, we don't need to drive anywhere! Swimming, surfing, bushwalking and relaxing – it has it all.

Why did you decide to arrange a family photoshoot?
I’m never in photos so I wanted to make a commitment do this every year so we have someone to capture our family moments together, with all of us in them.

Talk us through your Travelshoot experience and how it all went down! What were your favourite parts?
We all enjoyed it (especially Stella and Oscar) they loved our photographer, Shirley, who was so accommodating of their requests! It was easy to book, and we absolutely love the photos!

What would be your advice to a family thinking about booking a shoot?
Book it in on a day when you have nothing else planned, that way you can make changes to the destination if you discover somewhere you love on your holiday.

What’s your favourite shot from your Travelshoot? Why do you love it?
This photo makes us laugh every time we see it as we didn't notice Oscar in it at first – it is so his personality as it just pops up everywhere! I love all the photos of the children they are beautiful!