Family Spotlight: Fun in Byron & Bali

Do you know what we love more than meeting a new family on a Travelshoot?
Getting to follow their story as they grow, explore, and plan more adventures!

We've been lucky enough to help the lovely Jess and her family capture special holiday memories three times on getaways to Byron Bay, Whistler, and Bali you may even recognise them as the stars of one of our videos! We caught up over coffee to hear Jess’s advice on travelling with little ones, where she’d love to go next, and why she always has a stash of lollies in her bag...

What’s your favourite thing about being a mum?
Watching my boys learn to be independent and curious.

What’s your favourite family holiday location?
Oh Bali, definitely! For its balance of culture, stunning surroundings, and kid-friendly activities. The tempo of the island is so laidback, you can’t help but leave calmer & more grounded than when you arrived. We all love it.


How has having children changed the way you travel?
Travel has always been important to us, and we think it's amazing that the boys see & experience different cultures as they grow up. But there’s no denying that having kids does change how carefree you can be. No more winging hotels and flights last minute - we have to check everything out and make sure it’s child friendly. I always have a look online and scope out activities and places to visit that are suitable for the boys, before I click ‘Book’.

What’s your favourite location in the world + why?
New York, because I’m in awe of its diverse crowd, things to see & do, and it’s general vibe. Such a big & busy city - but there is something for everyone, and always something new to discover. It’s just the coolest place.

Name your must-have product or trick that makes travelling with children easier?
Lollies. For bribery!

What’s the hardest truth/reality about being a mum?
Suddenly you worry and overthink every situation, even if you were super-chilled before. It’s just part of mum life! And - it’s tough but it’s true -  your body just doesn’t react the same after kids. Every piece of bread shows on your belly, bum or thighs.

Why are family photos important to you?
I love knowing that we have created lasting memories for my boys to look back on. We have been on so many adventures as a family already, and are planning so many more. To capture those genuine moments on holiday - cheeky hugs, laughing, kisses, playing around - that means everything. To be able to look back at the fun we’ve always had together when they’re grown up will be amazing.

What have you done with your Travelshoot photos?
We’ve shared them with family, who all love them. And have printed them all for our family albums. I always think it’s important to have photos in physical form - keeping them on your phone or laptop seems such a waste.

Do you have a family holiday coming up Travelshoot could help make even more special? 
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