Family Spotlight: From newlywed, to a new addition!

When those big-life occasions come around, we think it’s so important to create lasting memories of them that you can cherish forever. And so does Sabrina - we’ve had the privilege of capturing her wedding to husband Kevin, her pregnancy, and even newborn life with little River.  She’s practically family!

We talk getting back to basics, ‘me’-time, and why Canada ticked so many boxes on the family holiday wishlist. 


What’s your favourite thing about being a mum?
Oh wow - that’s hard! I guess No.1 would be that having River is a constant reminder to take in each moment. When he’s happy, you can tell its pure 100% joy, and when he shows love it’s just so raw and real. The strength of emotion behind everything is crazy. Watching him grow, smile, play - you take nothing for granted. And bath time is a daily highlight!

Best family holiday location and why?
Our recent trip to Canada was incredible, for so many reasons. It’s my husband’s home, so it held special meaning because of that, and it was just the most magical way to spend Christmas. The snow, ice skating, time exploring vineyards;  it was the perfect winter wonderland and even the journey was easy and enjoyable.

Name your must-have product or trick that makes travelling with children easier?
The greatest invention ever... A BabyBjorn carrier! Wouldn’t be without it.

Favourite location in the world + why?
Anywhere you can pitch a tent and light a fire. There is something so special about getting back to basics, connecting with those around you and creating those forever stories. Sometimes the simplest getaways are the most memorable.

How has having children changed the way you travel?
I have never traveled with so much luggage! I was always quite proud to be a less-is-more packer, but that’s all out of the window now...and triple checking bags before we leave is now standard procedure!

What’s the hardest truth/reality about being a mum?
Having no ‘me’-time can be pretty draining!  But I know it’s silly to feel guilty when I feel like I need some.

Why do family photos matter to you?
In today’s world we are all carrying amazing cameras on our phones, and constantly taking selfies, but sometimes forget to be in the moment. I’m guilty of it! I feel like we don’t capture enough genuine snapshots, and often one parent is taking the photo whilst the other is in it. Getting whole family photos means that you get to hold onto those precious memories together - children grow and change so fast. There is no better feeling than looking back at a photograph, and feeling exactly how you did when it was taken.

What have you done with your Travelshoot photos?
We had them made into hardcover albums that we can pass on, display in our home, and share with family near and far.


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