Exploring the world one city at a time

As a bespoke travel agent for a company in Copenhagen, Evelina has the whole world on her list of dream travel destinations - a girl after our own heart. But when she was offered the chance to get amazing images of her and her partner in a city they love, she jumped at the chance. We've got to say, Copenhagen is definitely one of our favourite locations in Europe.
What’s your dream travel destination? 
I think, it's the whole world. I don't have ONE place I wish to go - I want to go everywhere and it's changing depending on where I've already been or what kind of people I meet on my way. I wanted to see Niagara falls - I did. Then I wanted to visit Broadway show in New York - I did. Then I got new dreams. Right now I'm dreaming about Colombia - as I'm planning to go there. 

Name your must-have travel accessory.
My camera.

What’s your favourite city in the world and why?
San Sebastian, Copenhagen, Vilnius. San Sebastiain - it should be the most beautiful place on earth, with fantastic people and amazing food. Copenhagen - I love the vibe and feeling of living in the city. Vilnius - it's a small capital, full of colors and variety of cultural activities and cosy feeling.

What’s your favourite leisure activity whilst your travelling? It could be something mellow like lying on the beach, or something more active like rock climbing.
Trying local food, talking to local people about how they live there and walking around without a map, so I can figure out the city myself.

What did you enjoy most about your Travelshoot?
I could enjoy different activity with my boyfriend and share these moments together. The great thing is that now we have pictures which will remind us of time we had together.

Which is your favourite Travelshoot image?
The one where we both are laughing. That's the signature of our relationship.

Why do you think travellers will love Travelshoot?
Because they will get a chance to see themselves from a camera lens and share some time together. Not mentioning the great pictures they will get!
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