Family Spotlight: Capturing that everyday magic

Finding magic in the every day moments is part of being a family - that’s why some of our favourite albums are from those ‘just because’ shoots. Shannon organised a shoot with us in New Farm park, Brisbane:  just because she wanted to create some lasting memories of family time in their home city. No milestone birthdays or special occasions here, just a beautiful morning in the park with husband Simon and their son Ethan, and a shoot to capture some laughter, cuddles, and autumn leaves.

We checked in with Shannon to find out how she juggles a busy work/home schedule, and why she thinks it so important to make the effort to document the little things.


What’s your favourite thing about being a mum?
My favourite thing about being a mum is the crazy amount of love and happiness Ethan brings to our lives. Not only to Simon and I, but to everyone those around us. That infectious enjoy-the-moment energy!

Best family holiday location and why?
Anywhere near the beach! We all love the water and being close to nature, for our different reasons.

Name your must-have product or trick that makes travelling with children easier?
This depends on the age, but the Ergo Baby carrier was a godsend for every occasion when Ethan was under 9 months! We wouldn’t go anywhere without it!

What's your favourite location in the world, and why?
We have been to over 30 locations across the world, and whilst we love exploring new places and every destination has been special in it’s own way - I can’t help but always think how lucky we are to live here in Australia.

How has having children changed the way you travel?
Since having a child, we spend a lot more time maximising what we can do during the day and early evening. We are always up early and out exploring. I have also noticed we like doing a lot more independent activities, rather than part of a tourist group for example, so that we are able to adapt and move at our own pace.

What’s the hardest truth or reality about being a mum?
The hardest truth is that children are a huge life change -  but that doesn’t mean you can no longer do the things you love. If you are organised, you just need to prioritise and work together to ensure you still get some time to yourself!

Why do family photos matter to you?
When you are always busy with work and home life, you can sometimes forget to appreciate the ‘now’. Professional family photos help to capture those special moments in time, so that you can always go back to that time and cherish the little things.

What have you done with your Travelshoot photos?
I printed and framed at least five of our Travelshoot photos and put them up around our house. They are always admired by us and our visitors.

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