Eloped in Vegas and honeymooned in New York...

This one was a mix of travel and wedding envy mixed in one. Brooke and Leon, an engaged couple from Australia did what most of us only dream about (but perhaps are not brave enough to do!) and saved a whole lot of fuss, and had a huge amount of fun eloping in Vegas to start, followed by an epic honeymoon in New York. 

Interestingly they decided to capture the elopement and the honeymoon, so we couldn't help ourselves in understanding why if nothing else, 'photos' were what was important to them... 

"We figured that if we were going to have a destination wedding and our family and friends weren't going to be there; we were going to need good photos to show them when we got back! We loved that we could go to a few different places with each destination shoot and get a variety of photos"

"I honestly don't know which I prefer, the photos turned out great at both locations. I had always wanted to go to New York and to get to go there as a honeymoon was even more exciting. To capture that with these photos was amazing! We took our own photos in New York but not many with both of us in them so I loved that."  

"I would tell people to consider Travelshoot because holidays are fun and exciting and can be one of the most expensive things you do in your life. To come back with professional photos that capture that fun and excitement is great and something you can keep forever. The best souvenir!"

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