Elissa Hogan + One awesome sunset = An epic Travelshoot

Fashion blogger Elissa Hogan recently joined us for a Travelshoot experience at Dreamtime Beach on the Gold Coast. We caught up with her post shoot to discuss travel and her thoughts on her very own Travelshoot experience. Check out what she said below: 


Where is your favourite travel destination? 

My favourite travel destination is by far New York City.


What’s the one thing you can’t live without on long haul flights and why?

I can’t live without moisturiser and papaw ointment on long haul flights, so important to keep your skin and lips hydrated! 


If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be? 

If I could travel anywhere in the world right now it'd probably be Morocco! It’s somewhere I haven’t been yet but would love to experience. 


What's your number one travel hack/tip? 

Number one travel hack/ tip is ironing your clothing with a hair straightener/blow dryer/ steaming them using the steam from a hot shower! Perfect when your clothes have gotten a little creased in your luggage and there’s no iron around! 


What did you think of your Travelshoot experience, and why do you think travel memories are important to preserve?

I loved my Travel shoot experience, its great because the photographer knew the area well and knew good spots. You could enjoy the moment with your partner without taking the photos yourselves. Sometimes travelling is non-stop, so it’s nice to sit back and know the photography aspect of your location is not only taken care of, but will be beautiful and something to treasure. 


Checkout more of Elissa's Travelshoot photos below:

Elissa Hogan Travelshoot


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