Does size REALLY matter?

We sat down with Ashley Portas from Diamondport to discuss his experience with helping someone find the perfect engagement ring as well as getting his insider knowledge on planning the perfect proposal!   


What’s the biggest difficulty guys have when picking out a ring?

The biggest difficulty guys usually have when picking the ring is getting her ring size.  This is something I got years before I proposed.  I think as soon as the thought happens, that this may be the girl for you, start looking to see if she wears rings.  If she does, take note which finger she wears it on.  If it’s the ring finger, or the ring on her right hand, this is the perfect ring to measure the internal diameter.  Another method is, way before you are going to propose (like I did) just when you walk past a jewellery store, asks her to go in and get her ring size for you ‘just in case’ you ever want to propose.  This helps with two things.  Firstly, you’ll be able to get her exact ring size but then she will also (hopefully) subtly drop hints of what she likes and doesn’t like …. ‘just in case’.



Does size matter? (size of the rock)

Yes and no. I think it really depends on the women. I always say to the guys, ‘you should know your partner well enough in how much importance is put on the ring and its size’. I also say that she will know you well enough and should know and understand what you can afford.


What’s something men forget when planning a proposal?

Planning full stop. I ask most guys that come to see me how they are planning on proposing and they generally stare at me blankly as the ring is the start of the journey. They haven’t even thought of the proposal and instead of planning just wing it.



What are the common questions they ask when planning a proposal?

The most common question I get asked is, what do other guys do or what did I do (Which was pretty epic if I do say myself).  Do I have any good ideas?  At this stage, I give them Aaron Halls number and refer them on.  Aaron is the proposal Guru, and can help plan epic proposals.   


What do you find most guys budget for when planning a proposal?

They don’t. Instead they’re totally fixated on the ring, the actual proposal is a later thought. So, I help educate them on what they need to do. I help them get their head around the idea that there are other expenses to a proposal. Be it an exclusive weekend away or a romantic dinner drinking champagne. A lot of them don’t know that the actual ring isn’t the only cost they need to factor.


Tell us about your epic proposal! Would you do anything differently?

I organised an exclusive weekend away at Spicers Peak Lodge. I proposed in a secluded spot on top of Spicers Peak watching the sunset and drinking champagne. We then celebrated our engagement back at the lodge around the fire with more champagne and a beautiful dinner at the restaurant. We then finished the evening where our spa suite was scattered in rose petals and chocolates followed by more champagne. My only regret about the whole thing was not getting any professional photos. The only photos I have of the amazing night was taken on my iPhone which were pretty bad quality and grainy.


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