Darcy & Tom Indulge in Tokyo City

Tokyo is an outrageous and overwhelming city of opportunity, and there's only one way to approach it as a tourist––dive right in!

Darcy and Tom embraced their Travelshoot experience as they took in the sights of Japan's capital city from the perspective of their photographer. Oh, and the exhilarating moments were captured just in time for decorating their new house!

We caught up with the experienced travellers to hear all about their time in Tokyo. Check out the full interview and highlights from their photoshoot below.

Tell us a little about you & your partner! What do you do for fun? Do you have any pets? How do you like to spend your weekends?
We do a lot of weekends away visiting family and friends. We have two nieces and a nephew which we adore and try to see as much as possible. We are serious foodies and love having a nice meal out or cooking (I cook, Tom watches) for friends. We do get to travel a bit (me especially) and we went to Adelaide for Easter.

What made you book a Travelshoot? Where did you get the idea?
I love the idea of a travel shoot to capture the experience. I get to travel a bit for work but not always with Tom. I always look forward to our holidays, but we never seem to get good photos together. We are buying a house and I thought it would be fantastic to have something amazing to stick on the wall.

Talk us through your shoot and how it all went down! What were your favourite parts? Did you have fun?
We had a great time! We first met our photographer, had a chat and a bit of a walk around to the first location. She made us feel very comfortable and had a great time. She also gave us local advice including restaurants. We laughed the whole way and enjoyed walking around. We weren't worried about looking silly at all. Initially, Tom was not keen, but he enjoyed it a lot more than he expected.

Tell us your favourite travel memory? What’s been the most amazing thing you’ve seen, or the place you’ve had the most fun?
We have a lot of fun wherever we go. In Tokyo, we were all about eating and drinking. We spent too much time (and money) in the Golden Gai, hopping from bar to bar. We loved the contrast in Japan, from old temples to the crazy loud electronic streets.

What country or destination takes the top spot on your travel wishlist?
I would love to go to Africa but Tom is taking a lot more convincing. At the moment the world is an open book, but I know I will probably see something and book it!

Finally, what’s your favourite shot from your Travelshoot? Why do you love it?
This is such a hard question as they are all amazing! Obviously, the ones from the crossing are amazing, especially the one of us running out to the middle.

Or the one of us standing there with our hands in our pockets, oh, or the twirling one!

I also love the ones in the alley showing the more traditional side of Japan! I love that they are natural and not posed.

They are just us having a great time, which is exactly what we did on our trip!