Brooklyn: An ultra-hip view of the Big Apple

The historic Brooklyn borough known as Dumbo, short for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass" has some of the most unsurpassed views in New York City. With a mix of charming sass, it's no wonder this ultra-hip neighbourhood is inspiring blissful couple poses against the backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Sabina, tell us a bit about yourself and your partner

We meet on Tinder, as you do these days. We had our first date at Pancake Parlour. We’re both huge nerds – I'm a book nerd, and Brett is a comic nerd. We have three cats who we love more than anything. Brett had never been outside of Australia so we decided to go to New Zealand for our first overseas trip together. There in Hobbiton, Brett proposed to me using a line from Deadpool. That’s proof we’re nerds!

Tell us a bit about your holiday and your time in NYC!

We decided that a wedding/honeymoon style holiday would be the most fun so we packed our bags, invited a bunch of family and headed off to LA for a family holiday with Brett's son, then we made our way over to Vegas to tie the knot. From there, we went to New York for our honeymoon. We just fell in love with Manhattan and Brooklyn. It was cold but that didn't matter, everything about New York is just amazing. We did all the touristy things, as you do and it was super fun. Everyone sees the iconic Central Park in photos so I wanted something a bit different and Dumbo happened to be the perfect spot for our shoot. I booked the shoot as a surprise wedding present for Brett and I as a way to remember our amazing time together in New York.

How did you find the Travelshoot experience?

I love Travelshoot. It's a great way to capture your memories. I wanted something fun and light-hearted for us to remember our honeymoon. It was simple to organise, and it was really awesome to be able to communicate with the photographer prior to the shoot. Fernando was terrific – he made the day fun. The day was beautiful and sunny, and Fernando was able to get some really lovely photos of us enjoying our time together.

Why did you think it was important to capture holiday memories?

For us it was a once in a lifetime occasion, being our honeymoon. I did not want to go back home and regret not having some special memories of our time together in New York. We will look back on those photos one day, and reminisce about our first trip to New York and how much we loved it.


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