Bali and Santorini - Worlds apart but a Travelshoot experience still remains the same

Travelshoot has been lucky enough to collaborate with blogger and influencer Christina (@nalasu) in not only Santorini but also Bali! After having two Travelshoot’s this year in two different parts of the world we decided to catch up and have a chat with her about her Travelshoot experiences!



You’ve had two Travelshoot experiences in two very different parts of the world. What did you think of them?

Both of my Travelshoot experiences were great. The set up and organization was super easy, everybody was on time and the locations were perfect. I didn’t have to worry about anything. The photographers were both locations were very friendly and easy.


Which location (Santorini or Bali) was your favorite to shoot in?

This is almost impossible to answer. Both spots where just amazing. I fell for the views in Santorini – I would have to say is one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen! The backdrop of Santorini was perfect to shoot in as well! Bali however is one of my favorite travel locations. I’ve been to Bali so many times and love the vibes and beautiful sunsets on the beach!



What did you love about Santorini Travelshoot?

My Travelshoot in Santorini was amazing. Our photographer showed us the less crowded but equally beautiful spots around the island. The day before our Travelshoot my boyfriend and I joined thousands of tourists in Oia to watch the sunset. The next day after our Travelshoot our photographer showed us this quiet and tourist free rooftop which had an amazing view of the sunset!



What did you love about Bali Travelshoot?

My Travelshoot in Bali was so much fun. We had such a good time with our photographer. He was so easy to work with and the photos were amazing. Because we had so much fun working with him our photos were so natural and happy – no posing needed!



If you could tell someone one thing about Travelshoot what would it be?

Easy and professional. Go for it you won’t regret.

 You heard Christina! Go for it and book a Travelshoot we know you won't regret it! 


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